ACD Systems Announces the Only All-in-One Photo Editing and Management Product for Pro Photographers
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ACD Systems Announces the Only All-in-One Photo Editing and Management Product for Pro Photographers

ACDSee Pro 4 Provides Best Combination of Capabilities to Reduce Time, Cost and Complexity

SEATTLE — (BUSINESS WIRE) — May 23, 2011 — ACD Systems today announced the availability of ACDSee Pro 4, the most complete solution for the enhancement and control of image production demanded by professional photographers. Pro 4 is the only solution that allows photographers to carry out the essential elements of the photography creative process and distribution in one place. Over 50 million ACDSee products have been downloaded worldwide.

ACDSee Pro 4 lets photographers create, organize and distribute the highest quality images so that they can increase revenues while enhancing their reputations and market reach. As the amount of photographs taken using digital photography explodes, photographers search for the best combination of editing and management capabilities that reduce time, cost and complexity. With ACDSee Pro 4:

“As a professional photojournalist, I have to be able to take world class photos, quickly edit them and send them anywhere in the world within minutes,” states Peter Pereira. “A product like ACDSee Pro 4 can make or break me. I was recently in Mexico to photograph the Chichen-Itza ruins. I happened to be there during the Spring Equinox. I took photos and immediately realized their value. While out in a remote area of the Yucatan, I was able to have the best editing tool on my laptop and could send photos I was proud of to an editor in Boston interested in purchasing them. That’s the kind of thing ACDSee lets me do. It would take at least three other products to give me what Pro 4 does incredibly well. I’ve used it for years and it’s been game changing for me.”

Photographers can quickly and easily share photographs using, a free, cloud-based photo sharing site. Privacy controls are set by the photographer, ensuring the highest levels of control and security. And ACDSee Pro 4 allows selected contacts to download password protected full resolution images. Photographers can also share images on the most popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, SmugMug and Zenfolio, and/or via their own websites.

And ACDSee Pro 4 doesn’t dictate what editing tools photographers use. For example, they can use editing products such as Photoshop and then import their images into Pro 4 for management and distribution.

“At ACDSee we pride ourselves on being intensely customer-focused,” said Doug Vandekerkhove, CEO of ACD Systems. “We’re nimble enough to quickly respond to what photographers tell us they need, yet established enough to be able to execute market-changing products that have a dramatic impact and will last. ACDSee Pro 4 maintains that legacy and demonstrates our dedication to helping our customers make a difference. Photographers have responded by making this product our most popular to date.”

About ACD Systems

Founded in Texas in 1993 by imaging visionary Doug Vandekerkhove, ACD Systems is one of the largest and most respected independent digital editing and management companies in the world. Doug foresaw the importance of the convergence of analog and digital (print, photos, scans, video and metadata).

The company’s products include ACDSee Pro 4, ACDSee Photo Manager 12, and Canvas 12 +GIS, which helps Fortune 500 companies enhance, manage and disseminate their valuable digital assets. Customers include General Motors, Caterpillar, Boeing, The New York City Fire Department, NASA, CNN and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Today ACD holds six patents and millions of ACDSee products are in use throughout the world. In fact, ACDSee products are so popular in Asia that they are second only to Louis Vuitton in product piracy.

ACD Systems can be found online at, on Twitter at @acdsee, and on Facebook at


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