Mapping the way Forward on iPhone: Acapela Voices Guide iWay GPS Navigation Users in 20 Languages
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Mapping the way Forward on iPhone: Acapela Voices Guide iWay GPS Navigation Users in 20 Languages

MONS, Belgium, July 11, 2011 — (PRNewswire) —

iWay GPS Navigation is a complete and versatile navigation system for iPhone which guides end users throughout their journey with clear and precise vocal instructions, using Acapela voices. Polyglot, iWay speaks 20 languages and it leads the way through 193 countries. By foot, bike or car, you will take your eyes off the screen and simply be guided by one of the 45 voices selected by Soleasoft, the developer of iWay, from Acapela's extensive voice-portfolio.

Acapela voice synthesis turns any written information into speech, in real time. For navigation purposes this means that speech synthesis can provide contextual and turn by turn information with specific information such as street name, road sign or POI details. Messages vocalized by Acapela go beyond the usual, basic, pre-recorded instructions such as 'in 100 meters, turn right' used by many systems.

The intelligent and reliable navigation of iWay means users can quickly get their bearings and anticipate where to go next, especially comforting when traveling abroad.

iWay also allows users to make the most of their journey, enabling them to look out for POIs or to receive vocal and sound warnings when approaching speed cameras. Maps are displayed with different views, including a 3D Satellite bird's-eye view, and the maps' orientation is optimized thanks to the iPhone's integrated magnetic compass. And of course advanced features allow users to keep communicating easily with contacts and a social network, and to follow up e-mails and SMS.

iWay GPS works on iPhone 3, 3GS and 4 and iPad 1 and 2 (with 3G option) with iOS 4 installed. It also works on iPod with a gps optional kit.

Price: 3.99 USD + 1.99 USD per voice/in app purchase.

Available at the appstore: mt=8&ls=1&origin=soleasoft

More information at

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