Welcome to the new NAVTEQ Facts, Spring 2010 Issue
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Welcome to the new NAVTEQ Facts, Spring 2010 Issue

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Welcome to the new NAVTEQ FACTS:  a quarterly, enterprise-specific newsletter that brings you the latest news in GIS, Government and Mobile Resource Management and Logistics.  We have incorporated information on NAVTEQ Enterprise products and developments, as well as stories from our customers.  I'd like to invite you to browse the different sections below and learn about what's new from the leading global provider of digital maps.

The Spring Issue focuses on several landmarks here at NAVTEQ.  I want to highlight in particular the launch of NAVTEQ True, the company’s new mapping collection system. NAVTEQ True represents a new era in data collection, and utilizes technologies unique in the industry in both the scale and quality with which collection can take place.  This newsletter also features articles on our enhanced Map Reporter application, NAVTEQ's key role in Federal Government agencies, and cutting-edge visual content product releases.

Please let us know if you have comments, feedback, or questions for our "Q & A" section.  We hope you enjoy the refreshed NAVTEQ FACTS newsletter!


Roy Kolstad
Vice President, NAVTEQ Enterprise Americas

Did You Know

NAVTEQ Launches New Era in Data Collection
Through its ability to achieve collection efficiencies and move digital maps from 2D representations to 3D,  NAVTEQ's new fleet of field technology vehicles will bring valuable new and innovative products to the market faster and more effectively. 

NAVTEQ Map ReporterTM Enhancements
NAVTEQ has worked with communities for over 10 years and has long recognized the importance of community input into our map database. 

NAVTEQ Map Data Plays a Key Role in Federal Agency Mission-Critical Objectives
In the last year, NAVTEQ has been selected as the digital map supplier by three Federal Government agencies:  National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Center for Disease Control and Protection (CDC).

Customer Spotlight

Gaining Visibility into Last Mile Delivery through Mobile Solutions Combined with Route Planning
One of the biggest issues facing operations managers today is achieving visibility into the supply chain, including the delivery process.

Enriching Stimulus Plan Solutions with BroadMap and NAVTEQ
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act) improves the quality of federal and state data through the use of quality broadband services, and it promotes the deployment of affordable broadband services to all parts of the nation. 

Market Trends
Navigation Increases Fuel Efficiency
Last year, NAVTEQ conducted a proprietary research study designed to assess the consumer impact of everyday use of navigation devices.  The study showed that drivers using navigation devices 1.) Drove shorter distances and 2.) Spent less time driving. 

Database Coverage

NAVTEQ Expands Map Coverage
NAVTEQ continues to expand its high quality NAVTEQ map into emerging markets providing our customers the potential to tap into the ever growing need for GIS and Fleet applications in the Americas.

Product News

Enhanced 3D City Models, Washington D.C.

Motorway Junction Objects, Miami, FL


First of Its Kind Data-based Visual Content Enables Flexible Application Development
NAVTEQ's industry-leading visual content portfolio just got better with the release of two new products: Motorway Junction Objects and Enhanced 3D City Models. 

Events   Stay Connected

Upcoming Enterprise events NAVTEQ will be attending in the first half of 2010...
NAVTEQ Enterprise Webinar Series
Smart Grid Solutions from ESRI, Genesys, and NAVTEQ
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
3-4pm Central Time
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What's New on NAVTEQ Connections?
The Enterprise Americas micro-site on NAVTEQ Connections is your source for valuable information and marketing materials related to NAVTEQ Enterprise.  Check it out!  www.navteq.com/

NAVTEQ In The News

NAVTEQ Press Releases

February 18, 2010
NAVTEQ Selected by National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) to Support the Homeland Security Infrastructure Protection (HSIP) Program

NAVTEQ to provide HSIP with fresh map data for mission-critical objectives

February 15, 2010
NAVTEQ Supplies Map and Speed Limit Data For Coyote Safety Camera Warning System
New Coyote Mini V.2 features permanent speed limit advice

February 14, 2010
NAVTEQ Puts Focus On Experience At Mobile World Congress 2010
Highlights to be showcased include advanced content and services; innovative, enabling technologies; developer tools and support

February 11, 2010
NAVTEQ Study: Consumers Identify Their Interest and Motivation In Choosing Mobile Navigation
Global research shows that at least 2/3 of mobile phone users want an integrated driving and walking solution

February 2, 2010
NAVTEQ Traffic™ Doubles In-Vehicle Use in North America in 2009
The industry’s traffic supplier of choice powers 90 percent of full-screen, in-vehicle systems in North America

January 12, 2010
NAVTEQ Selected by United States Postal Service (USPS) for Geospatial Applications
NAVTEQ® Map Data to be used for eFMS (Electronic Facilities Management System)

January 11, 2010
NAVTEQ Selected by BroadMap for Broadband Mapping
NAVTEQ® map data enriches BroadMap’s stimulus plan solutions

January 6, 2010
NAVTEQ Launches Advanced Mapping Collection Technology
NAVTEQ True™ Innovates The Integration of Data And Imagery

January 6, 2010
NAVTEQ Reveals Data On The State Of Navigation

Multiple Research Studies Quantify Consumer Awareness and Interaction

View All NAVTEQ Press Releases

How easy is it to integrate NAVTEQ Traffic Patterns into a Routing or Navigation application?
Implementing NAVTEQ Traffic PatternsTM into a routing application is quite simple once a few helpful features are already in place within a customer’s existing routing algorithm.

Does NAVTEQ have posted Speed Limits?
Speed Limit information for Standard Vehicles:

NAVTEQ offers Speed Limits as a product.  Speed Limit content includes the legal speed limit values for vehicle travel.  These are collected and included only when applicable to automobiles (not autos with trailers, trucks or any other configuration)...

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