East View Cartographic Newsletter - Geospatial Edition June 2010
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East View Cartographic Newsletter - Geospatial Edition June 2010

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June 2010, Volume 2, Issue 5

 Greetings from East View Cartographic
COLOMBIA - LiDAR Over Bogota
EVC is proud to announce that we can supply LiDAR data covering Bogota, Colombia. The data is made available through our business relationship with a private geospatial firm based in Bogota.
The area of coverage is 550km2 with a 23cm vertical accuracy.  This type of data set is extremely detailed and would be very useful for those looking for high-accuracy DTM or DSM level detail.  
Sample of LiDAR data over Bogota, Colombia 
Sample of LiDAR data over Bogota, Colombia
This product was collected during 2006 by using traditional LiDAR techniques.  It consists of 3 information layers created by filtering laser cloud data manually.
  • Adjusted LiDAR data for the entire city
  • DSM (first return)
  • DTM (totally filtered to obtain real terrain)
Airborne LiDAR Schematic
Airborne LiDAR Schematic
What is LiDAR?
LiDAR (Light Detection And Ranging) is an established method for collecting very dense and accurate elevation values. This active remote sensing technique is similar to radar but uses light pulses instead of radio waves. LiDAR is typically "flown" or collected from planes and produces a rapid collection of points (more than 70,000 per second) over a large collection area. Collection of elevation data using LiDAR has several advantages over most other techniques. Chief among them are higher resolutions, centimeter accuracies, and penetration in forested terrain.
Please inquire with our sales staff about this product and its applications and other LiDAR tasking and processing.
NAUTICAL CHARTS - No Interruption For NGA Nautical Charts
The FAA has announced that they will no longer carry NGA-produced nautical charts:

"The FAA AeroNav Services will discontinue the sale of

NGA products effective May 1, 2010. This is due to NGA

reducing the number of products available to the public."
Source: http://naco.faa.gov/ecomp/

For the foreseeable future NGA nautical charts are not available from any US Government distributor.  Unless and until this is restored, the public no longer has commercial access to these important products.  NGA nautical charts are perhaps the best English-language charting solution for worldwide navigation and oceanographic research. These materials continue to be used as valuable reference material by individuals within multiple disciplines to assist with bathymetric and coastal research objectives as well as maritime route planning and logistics. The extensive geographic coverage of the NGA nautical chart series truly makes it an indispensible resource for navigation of international waterways and the analysis of oceanic characteristics. 

Colombian Topographic 100K

East View Cartographic has every NGA-produced Nautical Chart in stock and ready for delivery.  Many are available in a variety of digital formats, including raster and vector.  We specialize in US and foreign-produced mapping and charting over areas outside of the United States.
NGA charts are now specially priced at $29/chart to the public.  Please contact Trent or Jerod at 952-252-1205 or charts@cartographic.com  or visit our website  to learn more and order.
BOTSWANA - Topographic Mapping, Vector Data and Geologic Mapping
Botswana 1:50,000 Topographic Mapping

Through the work of our procurement officers located in Africa we have acquired the new 1:50,000 scale topographic map series of Botswana.  This map series is published by the Department of Surveys and Mapping (DSM). This map series has a new grid index compared to the previous series and is about two-thirds complete of full country coverage. Of the currently 600 published sheets over 400 have been updated since 2007. This map series is available in PDF, POD, Raster, and as GeoTIFFs. Please contact EVC for pricing and availability information.

Botswana 1:50,000 Topographic Index Map

Botswana 50K Topo Index Map
Botswana 1:50,000 Vector Data

We currently have in stock complete country coverage of Botswana 1:50,000 vector data. Layers include hydrography, administrative boundaries, populated places, transportation, cultural features, contours (5m intervals) and more. This is a great complete dataset.  Please inquire about pricing and more information.


Botswana 1:50,000 Vector Data

Botswana 50K Vector Data
Botswana Geological Mapping

Geological and other non topographic map series are handled by the Botswana Department of Geological Survey. Because of the abundance and uniqueness of these materials please inquire with your specific requests. Published map series include: geological, geophysical, hydrological, and industrial mineral maps, along with various memoirs and reports.

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