The EVC Scope - Geospatial Newsletter, November 2010
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The EVC Scope - Geospatial Newsletter, November 2010


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The EVC Scope 
East View Cartographic Geospatial Newsletter
November 2010, Volume 2, Issue 7
2.5D CITY MODELA Cost Effective Solution for 3D Needs

Producing 3D models from high-resolution stereo imagery is a proven method for the creation of 3D city models. Unfortunately, it is also proven that this method is very costly and can be out of reach for many that would otherwise benefit from its features.


Baghdad 2.5D City Model

2.5D City Model - Baghdad, Iraq 


To bring the benefits of the 3D city model to a broader audience, EVC offers the 2.5D City Model.  This innovative solution is produced from monoscopic high-resolution imagery, in which the heights of the buildings are calculated by the measurement of the building sides and satellite angles.  For an even more realistic view, high quality building textures and surroundings can be added.  Accuracy is about 10% less than a true 3D model produced from stereo imagery, but the price is much lower.


2.5D City Model - Manila

2.5D City Model - Manila, Philippines


Many of our clients in the telecom and simulation industries have praised this method as a cost-effective solution that enables them to save their vital resources to meet other needs.   


Please contact us for a sample and pricing details.


The World's Finest Population Distribution Data  

East View Cartographic is proud to offer the most recent release of the LandScanTM Global Population Database developed by the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). The 2009 Edition, released in September, 2010, comprises a worldwide population database compiled on a 30" X 30" latitude/longitude grid. 


As one of only a handful of commercial distributors of LandScan™, EVC offers this extremely valuable and completely unique GIS resource to its customers worldwide.

LandScan Korea image

LandScan™ - Korean Peninsula



Census counts (at sub-national level) are apportioned to each grid cell based on likelihood coefficients, which are based on proximity to roads, slope, land cover, nighttime lights, and other information.  The resulting grid has a population count assigned to each cell.  Given the 30-arcsecond dimensions of each cell, the actual square kilometers covered vary over the globe.


The LandScanTM dataset covers the entire globe, excluding Antarctica.  The database is updated for release annually, and as such EVC currently offers the 2009 version of LandScanTM.  This dataset was made with GIS users in mind.  It is offered in two formats:

     · ESRI Grid format - This requires either the Spatial Analyst  extension or ArcInfo package to properly view.  Also included area a fantastic set of custom ArcGIS tools which allow you to perform your own population anaylses.

     · Raster binary format - This format is more widely usable and can be read by nearly any GIS or geospatial software package. 

LandScan - Cyprus

The LandScanTM dataset is available for purchase by country, or in its entirety.  Also included are a robust set of metadata, documentation, and user's guides to enable you to get the most information possible out of this data. 


Price varies by country; the global dataset is $2,500 for a single-user license.  Please contact us for a full description of the licensing tiers and associated pricing.


FREE POSTER - A Gift for You From EVC


Choose Your Favorite "Famous Place" 
Satellite Image Poster


Mt Everest Poster

Mount Everest Poster 

Just for visiting, we will send you a satellite image of your choice. Pick from twelve stunning photos taken from the GeoEye-1 satellite, such as The Moon, Rome's Coliseum or Victoria Falls in a beautiful 18" x 22.5" print of amazing detail. Perfect for your office, study or as a thoughtful gift idea.


The Moon Poster

The Moon Poster


East View Cartographic is celebrating 10 years of offering an extensive range of satellite imagery & sourcing services. In addition to the poster of your choice, we are also offering a discount off your next East View Cartographic order.

Visit for more details or contact us if you have any questions.


TRADESHOWS - EVC Busy Exhibiting

Fall 2010 has been a busy season for EVC filled with tradeshow appearances around the world.  We do our best to travel the globe bringing opportunities to meet our international customers.

With three events behind us already, we still have two more ahead of us.  If you are attending, please stop and visit us. 

Contact us with any tradeshow questions.


INTERGEO - October 5-7, 2010
Cologne, Germany  Booth 2F.129

GITA O&G 2010 banner
GITA Oil & Gas - October 25-28, 2010
Houston, TX  Booth 415

GEOINT 2010 Logo
GEOINT - November 1-4, 2010
New Orleans, LA  Booth 814

Map Africa 2010 Logo
Map Africa - November 23-25, 2010
Cape Town, South Africa  Booth 19

I/ITSEC 2010 Logo
I/ITSEC - November 29-December 2, 2010
Orlando, FL  Booth 2972

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East View Cartographic (EVC) is a leading provider of authoritative maps and geospatial data from around the world. Products are available through our web site and our staff can skillfully assist customers with detailed data requests.

EVC specializes in custom GIS data production using data from a variety of in-house or client sources. EVC is the leading provider of global outsourcing management services, helping clients find and manage the right mapping and GIS data production resources for each project. EVC offers a broad range of geospatial raster and vector data from high-resolution DEMs to full vector GIS datasets.

Technical Bullet  

 How'd they do that?

Landsat Imagery      Scan Line Correction

A great thing about EVC is the wide variety of clients we serve along with their wide variety of geospatial needs.  At EVC, we are always ready for a new challenge and this month's Technical Bullet is a perfect example.

50-meter Resolution Clutter Data

Recently, an IT solutions company came to us with a request for clutter data over a large densely populated Asian city with a coverage area of several thousand square kilometers.  The product we delivered was 50m clutter data produced from 2009/2010 Landsat orthoimagery.  This data was provided in both vector and raster file formats in addition to the 15m Landsat imagery which was produced using 2009/2010 SLC (Scan Line Corrector)-off images repaired through proprietary image processing techniques.  The reparation of this SLC-off imagery is the focus of this month's Technical Bullet.

Clutter Data Sample
Sample of delivered Clutter Data

The data was needed for Telecommunication network planning applications and optimizing radio wave propagation.  Clutter data allows engineers using the data the ability to effectively plan radio and wireless communication networks considering terrain and surface characteristics of a given area.
Our recent experience indicates that this type of work is being performed mostly over developing cities/countries, or areas that are experiencing a moderate to high degree of change in urban morphology.

SLC Failure Diagram
SLC Failure


In this case, a quick and inexpensive solution was needed using recent source materials.  Utilizing our extensive global relationships in the geospatial industry, we procured the data necessary and our Geospatial Data Production team did the rest.  How they "did the rest" to make the data user-friendly for our client is outlined below.

  • 1.  Select multiple overlapping current Landsat 7 imagery scenes over the AOI (SLC-off).
  • 2.  Orthorectify and pan sharpen imagery scenes to create seamless void-free mosaic over the area at 14.5m spatial resolution.

    3.  Extract polygonal GIS vector coverage from LS-7 mosaic and national 1:50,000 topographic maps used as supporting materials for feature interpretation.

    4.  Classify features according to the customer supplied menu/class identification file.

    5.  Rasterize GIS vector data into 50m spatial resolution image and store it in both GeoTIFF and binary ArcGrid formats.

    LS7 Scene with SLC Off and On
    Complete Landsat 7 scene showing affected vs. unaffected area

    Utilizing our geospatial skill set and toolbox to find cost-effective solutions for our clients is what we do.  We are happy to tackle new opportunities that keep us on the leading edge of the ever-changing geospatial industry.

    AVNIR 10m

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