Novocell Semiconductor Announces NVM IP Tape Out at Trusted Foundry 32nm
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Novocell Semiconductor Announces NVM IP Tape Out at Trusted Foundry 32nm

United States Military Contractors Benefit from 100% Reliable Anti-Fuse One-Time Programmable Non-Volatile Memory at Advanced Node

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) -- October 5, 2012 --
Novocell Semiconductor, Inc., the leading innovator in high reliability one-time programmable (OTP) antifuse non-volatile memory (NVM), has announced the successful tape out of the firm’s Smartbit-based non-volatile memory (NVM) in a 32nm SOI process at IBM’s foundry in cooperation with the Trusted Access Program Office (TAPO).

The customer selected Novocell Semiconductor’s intellectual property (IP) based on the technology’s reputation for reliability, the company’s history of innovation, and customer licensing flexibility. Novocell continues their record of industry leadership with this announcement, further extending their Smartbit-based family of antifuse OTP to the 32nm advanced node.

Walt Novosel, President of Novocell, stated, “We are pleased to announce this latest demonstration of our long term tradition of innovation and leadership by advancing our innovative product offerings to this advanced node to serve current and future customers’ needs. Novocell continues to work closely with customers to develop the most reliable NVM in our category and to offer our patented Smartbit OTP NVM technology at the most cutting edge technologies.”

Industry Leading Reliability and Manufacturing Ease

All Novocell Smartbit-based NVM IP products avoid the limitations of traditional embedded NVM technology by utilizing the patented design and dynamic programming and monitoring process of the Novocell Smartbit bit cell, ensuring that 100% of customers’ embedded bit cells are fully programmed. The result is Novocell’s unmatched 100% yield and unparalleled reliability, guaranteeing customers that their data is fully programmed initially, and will remain so for an industry-leading 30 years or more.

Moreover, Novocell IP based on the Smartbit bit cell utilizes standard CMOS manufacturing processes, without secondary masks or additional fabrication processes. Novocell non-volatile memory IP has been designed to provide the most foundry and process-independent IP solutions available, and continues to scale to meet node and process complexity challenges as SoC firms migrate chip designs to advanced, low power nodes such as 32nm and beyond.

About Novocell SmartBit Technology

Novocell's patented and uncontested Smartbit technology featuring a unique High Voltage Generator that eliminates the need for a large external charge pump, requires only the standard process I/O to achieve oxide breakdown, and is routinely fabricated within fully standard CMOS processes without need for additional layers, masks, or processing steps. The Smartbit employs a dynamic voltage programming method that senses when irreversible oxide hard breakdown has been completed and triggers a DONE signal, providing customers unparalleled assurance that data has been fully programmed.

About Novocell Semiconductor, Inc.

Novocell Semiconductor, Inc. specializes in developing and delivering advanced non-volatile memory intellectual property (IP) to the semiconductor industry. Novocell is the only provider of NovoBytes MTP, the industry’s first multi-time write antifuse memory IP, introduced in 2009. Novocell’s Smartbit-based IP is the only antifuse OTP memory proven to have zero tail bit failures within operating ranges and provide 30 years of data retention. The technology is the only antifuse OTP available fully scalable from 350nm to 28nm and beyond. For more information, please visit:


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