STMicroelectronics Delivers Industry's First Integrated ESD Protection IC Dedicated to the DisplayPort Interface
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STMicroelectronics Delivers Industry's First Integrated ESD Protection IC Dedicated to the DisplayPort Interface

GENEVA, April 9 — (PRNewswire) — STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM), a world leader in protection ICs, has announced a new chip delivering enhanced protection for PCs, monitors, projectors and similar equipment featuring the latest DisplayPort interface, the next-generation successor to traditional VGA and DVI connections. ST's DPIULC6-6DJL provides essential protection for the sensitive DisplayPort circuitry against electrostatic discharges (ESD) that could damage or destroy the display device.

ST has optimized the protection to meet the different needs of the main and auxiliary data channels defined in the DisplayPort Vesa 1.1a standard. Moreover, although the protection device is capable of blocking hazardous voltage spikes, it is effectively transparent to the high-speed data signals and allows them to pass virtually undistorted at the highest possible speed and power to ensure consistent high-quality multimedia experiences for users.

Main features of the DPIULC6-6DJL:

The DPIULC6-6DJL is available now in a 5 x 6mm leadless QFN package featuring 18 I/Os; pricing starts at $0.30 for orders more than 3000 pieces.

About DisplayPort:

DisplayPort is a standard approved by VESA, the Video Electronics Standards Association, which provides an all-digital interconnect suitable for box-to-box interconnection as well as internal connections to an LCD panel. As a high-performance successor to established standards such as VGA and DVI, currently supporting data rates up to 2.7Gbit/s, DisplayPort allows the higher color depths, refresh rates and display resolutions of the latest monitors. The standard also provides for future scalability, hence presenting a long-term stable platform for future product development.

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