Aerodata launches Aero+®
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Aerodata launches Aero+®

February 27, 2012 -- Aerodata International Surveys has launched Aero+® (, a range of value added data solutions that inform intervention strategies, save money and reduce our impact on the environment. Each solution leverages Aerodata’s own highly accurate earth observation data to deliver insight as well as the practical evidence for targeting of resources and decision making.

In recent years Aerodata has developed solutions that address many of today’s environmental concerns such as building heat loss, light pollution and a better understanding of the potential of solar energy. With Aero+® Aerodata has focused its efforts to produce practical solutions that facilitate improvements in energy use, environmental management and urban planning.  These solutions have now been grouped together under the Aero+® brand which aims to create a greener environment, for a smarter planet. 

Aero+®, is a new trademark that will become synonymous with innovative geospatial solutions that directly address environmental concerns for those with the responsibility to take action. These include citizens, government, consultants and contractors. The first three end user solutions are ‘thermal’ which tackles heat loss  and energy consumption, ‘solar’ which seeks to examine the potential for solar energy, and ‘light’ which aims to reduce light pollution and save energy.  The Aero+® solutions have been conceived to be easy to understand and use whilst providing the evidence for well targeted intervention strategies.

The basis for all Aero+® solutions is high quality earth observation data together with practical application expertise provided by a network of partners who are specialists in their field.

Aero+® is available in France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy and Australia and the company is actively seeking partners to extend the service into other territories. Those interested can contact us by email hello[at] to find out more about our win-win partnerships.

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