iCHECK For Autodesk Inventor Identifies Design Problems
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iCHECK For Autodesk Inventor Identifies Design Problems

INCAT has identified the top 21 everyday challenges to productively using Autodesk Inventor and addresses them through effective use of iCHECK, its proprietary data quality and integrity analysis software application.

Explaining the latest INCAT internal research, Dan Miles, Manager, Technical Services for the INCAT General Manufacturing Solutions (GMS) Group said, "Working closely with our clients who are using Inventor to aid in product development, we have identified 21 areas in product design, assembly design and documentation where there is the greatest potential for problems; and found that these can be identified 35 percent sooner through the use of iCHECK."

Miles noted that the use of such applications is growing rapidly in a market that demands higher quality and faster time to market. "iCHECK is the only such application available on the market for use with Inventor," he added.

Tom Hallenbeck, iCHECK Development Manager for INCAT, added, "We are serious about delivering technology that enables our clients to realize earlier problem-solving and discernable leaps in productivity. As we continue to push the envelope, we are keen to give companies the ability to validate their best practices and methodologies with our software applications. iCHECK for Inventor is a reflection of our commitment to our clients and to that mission."

iCHECK is the ideal tool for helping designers who pick up a file where another designer has left off. Three simple, everyday examples include; navigation of existing sketches that are not fully constrained, working with assemblies with adaptive features turned ON, and manipulating drawings that contain override dimensions. In each case the designer's productivity can be compromised by unrecognized problems or deviations from standards, but with iCHECK, each of conditions can be verified with minimal user interaction and can be solved in just a few seconds.

To find out the other 18 everyday user challenges that INCAT research has identified and for information about how iCHECK helps designers working in Inventor overcome those challenges, go to www.incat.com/icheckinventor.

Commentary By Jeffrey Rowe, Editor

OK, so model checking for quality may not be the coolest thing for designers and engineers, but when it comes right down to it, it can be one of the most important aspects of the product development process. CAD data quality plays a critical role when it comes to product design and accelerating the product lifecycle. CAD model checking tools ensure dimensional accuracy, geometric integrity, and conformance to pre-defined standards so that design discrepancies might be corrected at an earlier stage before the digital mock-up (DMU) is created. Good quality CAD data and associated models not only save valuable operational time and expensive overheads, but can also ensure greater effectiveness in downstream processes and more efficient data reuse.

So exactly what constitutes bad CAD data and what can it cost?

For a long time, CAD product data quality (PDQ) checks were primarily focused on examining piece parts or assemblies for defects within a given CAD system. Traditionally, the focus was on determining issues that would affect the ability to use CAD geometry downstream by other CAx applications, such as CAE and CAM. While this is still an important part of PDQ, interoperability problems are an increasing concern. CAD model quality checking and comparison identifies CAD data problems, such as:

It should be obvious that low quality CAD data is a costly proposition, especially the deeper you get into the product development cycle or downstream applications.

Although there are several software applications on the market for gauging CAD data quality, iCHECK is an add-on specifically developed for Autodesk Inventor for 3D CAD model quality verification. It helps maintain 3D model quality throughout the design process. In a nutshell, iCHECK is the quality assurance system for Autodesk Inventor. During the design process iCHECK works like a spellchecker to automate compliance with an organization’s best practices and methodologies.

Advances in CAD technology have brought significant efficiency to product development processes in the manufacturing world, and global connectivity has helped structure teams designing products. Geographically dispersed teams and continuous changes in organizational structure make it virtually impossible for an organization to manually maintain and leverage its standard best-practices and methodologies universally. On the other hand, iCHECK helps organizations minimize the risk of poorly-produced data, which will likely cause inefficiency and other problems downstream in the development process.

Some the model checks that iCHECK can perform include:
  • File Name and iProperties – Ensures adherence to file naming conventions and population of Inventor iProperties.
  • First Sketch Constrained to Origin – Ensures that all designers lock down a sketch to a part’s origin - an easily overlooked, yet important step.
  • Fully Constrained Sketch – Remembering to fully constrain sketches is also easy to overlook. With one button click in iCHECK you can highlight and find anything you might have missed in your part file.
  • Part Feature Order, Part Feature Sizes and Suppressed Features Not Allowed – Helps make better 3D part models by using these checks to control and monitor modeling best practices.
  • Adaptivity and Visibility Setting – In the context of the assembly, use iCHECK's Autocorrect feature to find any parts that are left invisible or in adapativy mode and switch them back.
  • Drawing Dimension Override – A powerful feature in Inventor allows reuse of model dimensions in a drawing. Using this check ensures no one can override the texts for those model dimensions.
  • Allowed Dimension Styles – Setting CAD standards is one thing, enforcing them is another. Use this check to ensure users employ the correct company dimensions styles in drawings.
Model data integrity has always been an important issue, but today, with ever-decreasing product development cycles and dispersed design teams, it is becoming increasingly important. Although iCHECK has been developed specifically for Inventor, it seems to be a well thought out implementation for dealing with the vital data quality issue with that CAD package.

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Jeffrey Rowe is the editor of MCADCafé and MCAD Weekly Review. He can be reached at Email Contact or 408.850.9230.

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