Yotta MVS Begins a Second Imagery Project for British Columbia Assessment Authority
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Yotta MVS Begins a Second Imagery Project for British Columbia Assessment Authority

December 15, 2009 -- Yotta MVS (the 3D mapping division of OMG plc [LSE:OMG]), a leader in street-level image collection and field data verification services, recently began the collection phase of a second imagery and geo-referencing project for British Columbia Assessment Authority.
Yotta MVS was first contracted by British Columbia Assessment Authority (BC Assessment) in May 2009 to provide street-view imagery and CAMA sketch geo-referencing services for 25,000 parcels in the City of Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. The current project will be delivering the same services for approximately 32,000 parcels in the municipalities of North and West Vancouver.

“BC Assessment’s top priority is to maintain accurate and equitable assessments for British Columbia’s property owners,” said Connie Fair, President and CEO, BC Assessment. “This combination of new technologies promises to significantly advance this mandate more efficiently and cost effectively.”

BC Assessment is responsible for assessing the value of 1.9 million properties valued at $953 billion.
The current collection project began in mid-November and will be completed before the end of the year. During the course of the project, Yotta MVS staff will capture images of each structure using high-resolution cameras. Each photo will be specially framed to provide maximum quality and to minimize obstructions like foliage. Additionally, personally identifiable objects like people and vehicle registrations are avoided or completely removed from images. While in the field, staff will verify the street address of each structure imaged.

In addition to street-level images, Yotta MVS will be completing CAMA sketch geo-referencing services for the assessment authority. An ESRI shape layer of building sketches is created, then rotated and geo-referenced over orthophotography. The advanced digital images and updated addressing allows BC Assessment to effectively and efficiently review existing and newly improved parcels; while the sketch geo-referencing output provides an invaluable tool with which to ensure the accuracy of existing sketch data and in locating additions which are not yet accounted for.

Yotta MVS also specializes in offering unique field-based solutions, like Mobile Office, which allows integration and review of field-verified data at the desktop. Yotta MVS’s suite of services not only benefits city and county agencies, but is also utilized by other federal, state, and local government agencies.

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