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June 30, 2003
FME Suite X2 from Safe Software
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Susan Smith - Managing Editor

by Susan Smith - Managing Editor
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Message from the Editor

Welcome to GISWeekly! This week GISWeekly features a Guest Review of Safe Software's FME Suite X2 by Jeff Thurston of Vector One in Berlin, Germany.

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Susan Smith, Managing Editor

Industry News
Review: FME Suite X2

Safe Software

By Jeff Thurston


The Feature Manipulation Engine (FME Suite X2) is a new product from Safe Software. It includes three main components - translator, transformation editor and a viewer. Additional tools for coordinate conversion and developers are available.

    *FME Translator - Translates between more than 100 different formats including most popular formats such as ESRI SHP, Intergraph SQL Server Warehouse, FRAMME and MGE, MapInfo, IDRISI, Autodesk, ASCII tabular, CSV, NTF, Access, SICAD, USGS. This product translates GML 2.0 files and many other formats including several national formats for various countries. Both ESRI Geodatabase, GE Smallworld and Intergraph GeoMedia require installation of the application software in the Desktop Version.

The FME Suite for Oracle Version provides full access and translation functionality for ESRI geodatabase - SDE - Grid, Intergraph GeoMedia and SQL Server, GML 2.0, Oracle 7, 8i, 9i and Oracle Spatial.

    * FME Workbench - A graphical display that provides a quick effective means for visualizing the transformation process - where data sources are originating and their destinations. FME Translation can work from within the visual environment. Several options for creating elements within the Workbench are available including spacing, insert, text, shapes and sizes for editing the visual layout.

    *FME Universal Viewer - Provides a close inspection of the data. Graphical display of a file including points, lines and areas, together with their attributes and values. Coordinate dimensions, bounding box and coordinate listings are provided.

Usefulness and Uniqueness

FME Suite X2
Most users of spatial information contend with translation and transformation of data - and usually find it time consuming, frustrating and difficult. FME Suite X2 is designed to erase these problems and it does. Not only does FME Suite X2 allow the user to perform spatial data translation easier, it provides unique functionality by way of the FME Workbench for doing so visually. Users may work in either the Translator alone or Workbench or both - they work together.
I found myself initially working with the Translator for single files, but because I have files scattered all over the computer in different directories and formats, I quickly moved to the Workbench. This provided a visual means to see where sources originated from as well as the destinations where results were being stored. The names and functions between files are graphically visible. Why is that useful? Aside from quickly seeing where you are working and on which files, the environment can be saved that's a big deal when one has dozens of files they are working on and consolidating.

To truly understand what FME Suite X2 is doing one has to understand that spatial data translation is not as simple as it sounds. Those who have work with translation and transformation often know that different software products use their own 'schema' and that while it is possible to connect between various products, often anomalies in the form of lost definitions arise.

In a simplified manner - think of it like language translation. You may speak a word in the English language and try to decipher it directly into the German or Swedish language but cannot completely. That is, each language (or software) uniquely entails its own structure and meaning for the word to be understood. FME Suite X2 looks at the details of each language and determines the best translation considering the two structures and their definitions - so there is no data loss. It also does so for projections, ellipsoids and datums. This is important.

GML is rapidly growing internationally. FME Suite X2 supports the GML 2.0 Specification - something Ordnance Survey UK is presently employing and will likely expand to other data organizations. ISO Laser Scan Gothic and ORACLE Spatial Relational are supported as well as Open Source translation for PostGIS. The inclusion of IDRISI translation capability is useful because so many users of IDRISI can now benefit from the easy-to-use and broad translation capabilities of FME Suite X2. This software also provides the capability to inspect data files without opening them.

Data Loading - Import/Export

Data can be loaded (source) into FME Suite X2 two different ways. The first involves opening the spatial data file in the Translator and then setting the destination (output) parameters. Using this method the data is processed on-screen then stored to the new data file. One file may be translated at a time or 'batch mode' may be used providing the files to be translated are of similar format.

The second method involves using the Workbench. Simply drag a file(s) to the workbench as the 'source data' file and create a 'destination data' file. Specific feature definitions may be chosen and filtering of values is possible. In essence, this is like 'clipping' a thematic layer but without having GIS software to do it.

I worked with several files ranging from 500 KB up to 30 MB in size. The formats were in ESRI shapefile, GeoMedia Professional Access, MapInfo, DWG, NTF, DXF, ORACLE and IDRISI and I exported them to each other and to GML 2.0. Some I even exported to Swedish, British and Danish national formats.

I found this software to be fast. Importing 80,000 data points (x, y, z) from a GeoMedia dataset then translating them to IDRISI vector format took 52 seconds. Most users will probably find it takes less than 10 seconds to translate many of their common datasets - often below 3 seconds. A large number of projections and datums are translated easily. FME Suite X2 is also capable of making VRML and Macromedia Flash translations. I was able to create several Internet maps in SWF format.

Installation and Support:

    * Several
movies can be downloaded that provide information about FME 2003 X2 and the
FAQ files provide useful information.

    * Safe Software also provides
training and workshops with
documentation online.

    * Annual Maintenance Contracts are

    * Several Online Community Support Groups can be

Trying and Buying:

A free 14-day trial of the software is available and can be
downloaded. The product is downloaded, then installed and the user obtains a 10 digit Registration Key online and simply clicks on the file when received to enable it. Alternatively, the full product may be purchased online.

Reviewer Comments:

Usefulness: Most spatial data users today have numerous translation needs - most proprietary software includes import/export capability but nowhere near the extent that this software does - this is powerful translation software, decreasing data translation issues considerably. This program will probably handle all the translation and transformations you would ever require.

Use/Features: I started from scratch and was translating numerous data formats and exporting in formats for web use within a day. FME X2 is easy-to-use and the Workbench through its graphical interface is exceptional for seeing what is going on and where - allowing the user to conceptualize the processes quickly. The drag and drop graphic environment speeds up operations significantly.

Documentation/Installation: Good documentation and easy to install. I would recommend the FME for Oracle version. Why? Because it includes extended ArcGIS, GeoMedia Professional and G/Technology, ORACLE, XML and GML capabilities - it is Internet 'ready'.

Issues: I would like to see improvement in setting the 'Working Directory'. It is located by default in 'MyDocuments/MyFME' and can be changed in the Workbench under 'Tools/Options'. However, an icon or something to quickly change destinations would be helpful, though I tend to have data directories all around the computer which I want to write back to.

Recommendation: This is one piece of software all spatial data users should consider.

A Canadian, Jeff Thurston lives in Berlin, Germany and is Director of his company
Vector One Consulting. He holds a MSc. in GIS and has written internationally for several publications. His work has appeared in GeoWorld, GeoEurope, Geoinformatics, GIS India and online previously at GISCafe.com for GISVision Magazine. Currently he is completing a book for Wiley Publishing entitled Integrated Geo-Technology - to be published in 2003.


This week GISWeekly spoke with VP, Geospatial Imaging of LizardTech Karen Morley about that company's acquisition by Celartem Technology USA, Inc., wholly owned by Japan's Celartem Technology, Inc. (Hercules:4330). The two companies share a focus on image and document technology.

Celartem is a public company that has been primarily involved in the stock photo publishing industry. As a provider of digital image and secure content distribution solutions, they were looking to expand their business and were interested in geospatial products, which LizardTech provides. LizardTech's core technology can enhance and simplify Celartem's concept of creation, management, distribution and control of digital content.

“Prior to this, Lizardtech was venture capital backed, so I think [the acquisition] gives Lizardtech a much stronger presence,” explained Morley. “because the objective of venture capitalists versus a company that looking to grow their business are different objectives.”

Adds Morley: “And I just bought a car, so I'm very optimistic.”

According to the press release, LizardTech, Inc. employs 29 people and is being acquired for $11.25 million in cash. Under terms of the agreement, LizardTech will operate as a separate unit within the Celartem Group of companies and will be known as "LizardTech Inc., a Celartem Company." LizardTech's existing U.S. operations and development will remain in Seattle, and according go Morley, there will be no change in personnel, other than interim LizardTech CEO Scot Land who will remain in place until a new CEO is appointed by Celartem.

Eventually, R&D and sales operations will be merged with existing Celartem efforts in Europe and Japan. Celartem Group officers and board of directors will oversee LizardTech operations, as well as for Extensis, the other existing Celartem Group subsidiary. Carlos Domingo, Celartem Global Office chief operating officer, directs acquisition strategy and will lead post-acquisition efforts.

There are no expected short-term changes to the existing product and technology brands being used by LizardTech. MrSID (Multi-resolution Seamless Image Database) is the defacto standard image format in the geospatial imaging field; the GeoExpress line of products based on MrSID offers additional geospatial capabilities.

LizardTech is stepping up its presence at shows, and will be at ESRI, ICC International Cartographic Conference in South Africa in August, at GeoSolutions show in London in September, Autodesk in December. “We're finding the user conferences are a bigger draw now, just because I think budgets are so tight people think they get more out of going to a specific user conference than a more broad, general conference,” said Morley.

Final acquisition arrangements will be completed in July 2003.

Celartem Technology USA, Inc. to Acquire LizardTech, Inc. Digital Content Developments Planned for Document Imaging and Geospatial Markets June 20, 2003

Trimble announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately held Applanix Corporation of Ontario, Canada in a stock transaction valued at CA$25 million (approximately US$18.6 million). Applanix is a leading developer of systems that integrate Inertial Navigation System (INS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies. Closing of the transaction, anticipated in the next three weeks, is subject to usual and customary closing conditions. An early focus for Trimble will be in the survey and construction product lines where GPS, augmented with INS technology, offers the potential of improved satellite tracking and faster reacquisition times for precision
Real-time Kinematic (RTK) positioning. This is particularly important in cases where GPS satellite signals are obstructed in difficult environments such as high-rise urban or heavily forested areas.

Next week GISWeekly will run an exclusive interview with Trimble detailing the importance of this acquisition.

Definiens Imaging announced they have signed an agreement where Geosystems Polska has become a reseller of Definiens Imaging's software eCognition, the world's first object-oriented image classification software. The agreement allows Geosystems Polska to sell eCognition to customers throughout Poland.

ESRI Business Information Solutions (ESRI BIS), a division of ESRI, announces an agreement with Pixxures, Inc., a leading provider of imagery Web services, to provide aerial photography integrated in its software and via its Web site at www.esribis.com to ESRI BIS clients. This agreement allows ESRI BIS to offer Pixxures' imagery as an integral part of its industry-specific marketing data services.

Tripod Data Systems (TDS) announced that it plans to incorporate Microsoft(R) Windows Mobile 2003 software for Pocket PCs into its line of rugged handheld computers. TDS, a wholly owned subsidiary of Trimble Navigation Ltd. (NASDAQ: TRMB ), designs and manufactures rugged handheld computers for extreme outdoor and industrial environments in the land surveying, mapping, forestry, utility, machine control, public safety and military markets. TDS will take advantage of Windows Mobile 2003 software to increase capabilities and maintain state-of-the-art technology in its products.


IDEAL.com announced that RasterID, automatic indexing software, and WiseImage, raster editing software, are compatible with the HP Designjet 4200 scanner. IDEAL is the exclusive North American distributor for RasterID and WiseImage that are developed by Consistent Software. Use RasterID to automatically extract title block information, from drawings scanned with the HP Designjet 4200 Scanner, to an archiving database such as Access. The drawings scanned with the HP Designjet 4200 can then be edited with WiseImage software that treats raster objects like vector objects. These software
products are targeted to the AEC, CAD, Manufacturing, GIS, and Reprographics industries.

As a part of the development of the Italian Cartographic Reference System, the Italian Ministry of the Environment has developed, in collaboration with Planetek Italia, a public web site (
www.atlanteitaliano.it), allowing unrestricted Internet access to various types of maps and photographic images covering the whole of Italy.

The types of data available on-line include black and white and color orthophotos at 1 meter resolution (nominal scale 1: 10.000); maps of the Italian Geographic Military institute (IGM, scale 1: 25.000, 1: 100.000, 1: 250,000 1: 1.000.000); and a digital elevation model (DEM). The data, compressed in ECW format, are distributed using Image Web Server with the specific advantage that the imagery may be accessed via the Internet in real time in two ways; either through the website using a common browser or directly inside any common supported desktop GIS application using the individual image URL (only registered and entitled users are permitted access to the URL's).

MapQuest, an online mapping, routing, and global location services company and wholly owned subsidiary of America Online, Inc., and Google, developer of a performance-based search advertising program, announced an agreement that will make Google's sponsored links available to MapQuest.com users.

MAPSearch has just released a complete, GIS- compatible dataset covering the energy infrastructure of Mexico for use in evaluating new opportunities in this evolving market. Users can access previously unavailable information in order to evaluate international business development opportunities, regional gas supply/demand scenarios and competitor activities. The Mexico Dataset includes map-able information on all aspects of the petroleum energy infrastructure including natural gas, crude and refined product pipelines, oil and gas fields, refineries, compressor stations and pipeline interconnections. In addition, the dataset provides industrial parks, hydrocarbon fired power plants as
well as country and state boundaries, railroad lines, railroad stations, railroad stops, roads, hydrology, major cites, ports, and 1km digital elevation model data.

ESRI users from Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming are invited to attend the 2003 SWUG conference, October 27-30, 2003, at the
Snow King Resort in Jackson, Wyoming.

Conference themes will focus on natural resource management, planning and legal issues, imagery, and government. To present a paper at the conference, submit an abstract (50-100 words) by August 15, 2003, to
swuggis_papers@yahoo.com. Presenters will be notified by September 8, 2003.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions announced a limited-time discount offer on GeoMedia(R) education products for community colleges, universities, technical schools and distance-learning programs. Available now through the end of September 2003, the company's GeoMedia Technology Campus Site license can be purchased at discounts starting at 50 percent off the list price.* The Campus Site license is designed so that educational institutions can provide comprehensive geospatial technology for students to engage in leading-edge web-based mapping and spatial analysis projects and research. The Campus Site bundle includes one license of GeoMedia WebMap Professional, unlimited
of GeoMedia Professional and maintenance for a 12-month period. Special offers are also available on the GeoMedia Professional Laboratory License and the GeoMedia Laboratory License.

Educators can take advantage of the discount by contacting the nearest sales location. Visit
http://www.intergraph.com/international for contact information. US customers can order online by visiting

Orbital Imaging Corporation (ORBIMAGE) announced that its OrbView-3 high-resolution imaging satellite was successfully launched Thursday, June 26, 2003 from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. OrbView-3 was launched on a Pegasus® rocket provided by Orbital Sciences Corporation. Approximately 10 minutes after the rocket ignition at 2:55 p.m. (EDT), the OrbView-3 satellite separated as planned from the Pegasus rocket into its sun-synchronous, near-polar, circular orbit. It will take several more days to maneuver the satellite into its final orbit of 470 km x 470 km at an inclination of 97.29 degrees, and to confirm that all of OrbView-3's sub-systems are confirmed
Details of the satellite and launch are available on the site.

Students from around the world will present their research findings at the GLOBE Learning Expedition in Sibenik, Croatia, from June 29 through July 4, 2003. The Expedition is partially funded by NASA. The international conference is a forum for student teams to present the results of Earth science research projects about atmosphere, climate, hydrology, soil, land cover/biology, and phenology.

The GeoInformation® Group, publishers of Cities Revealed™ aerial photography and other spatial-related databases, has been awarded an S-CAT framework agreement within 6 categories of its Geographical Services Offering.

Storage Area Networks (OTCBB:
SANZ) announced that Intermap Technologies has selected EarthWhere 3.0 to serve as the geospatial data production and delivery engine for Intermap's Digital Elevation and Image Products. The EarthWhere 3.0 spatial provisioning application will be used to create custom DEM datasets specific to the needs of Intermap's clients.

Spatial Data Logic, Inc., a software development firm specializing in geographic information system (GIS) solutions for local government now offers GIS functionality through a Web-based interface to local governments in the Northeast. This functionality is based on ESRI's ArcGIS architecture. SDL is utilizing some simple, easy to use task focused ArcGIS capabilities through an applications based web based interface in its Geologic.NET ASP (Application Solution Provider) solution for local government. The GeoLogic.NET product is designed for workflow automation of local government. The service is expected
to be available in the fourth quarter of 2003.

Kivera, U.S. provider of core geo-location technology to wireless carriers, developers and service providers, announced that RACO Wireless has deployed Kivera's Location Engine Server and components in OpenMotion LS™, one of North America's first location-aware wireless yellow pages services. The OpenMotion service enables users with GPS-equipped cellular phones to search yellow pages listings based on their current location. Using GPS phones such as the Nextel i88, callers are automatically shown listings for nearby services or businesses.

Be sure to submit your product and event announcements for the ESRI UC July 7-11 in San Diego to


James W. Sewall Company is pleased to announced that Michael Mannion has joined the company as Senior Analyst. An expert in database technology, Mr. Mannion has seven years' experience with ArcSDE and Oracle database administration and ten years' with ArcInfo and ArcView application development.

Intergraph Mapping and Geospatial Solutions appointed as exclusive distributor for Cyprus and Greece, Z/I Imaging Hellas, an Athens-based subsidiary of Z/I Imaging Corporation (an Intergraph company). As a leader in the earth imaging industry, Z/I Imaging Hellas primarily offers solutions for the acquisition, exploitation, management and distribution of imagery. Expanding its reach to include geospatial users, the organization will immediately begin offering products, services and support to deliver workflow solutions that combine Intergraph's geospatial technology.

New Products

LinksPoint, provider of Location Powered Solutions, announced the availability of its second generation of Global Positioning System (GPS) receivers for the Symbol Technologies SPT1800, PPT2800 and PDT8100 series ruggedized handheld computers. The new 12-channel GlobalPoint GPS receiver can be “snapped on” to the ruggedized handheld computers to provide GPS location data to software running on the device.

Sanborn Vice President David Brostuen announced that the company, a geographic information system (GIS) and photogrammetry industry provider, has launched a new product consisting of highly accurate digital data of central business districts and select commercial areas in the United States. The product line, called CityCenters™, is a series of off-the-shelf digital datasets covering the core downtown areas of 27 major cities.

Mr. Menashe Broder, CEO of ImageSat International N.V., announced at the Paris Air Show in Le Bourget that the Company's lightweight, high-resolution Earth Resources Observation Satellite, EROS A, has proven its ability to image a target from several angles in the same orbital pass. “The successful triple, or even a larger number of images of a target during the same pass, provides ImageSat's Customers with a distinct advantage in imagery processing and the creation of value-added products,” said Mr. Broder.
MapInfo Corporation (Nasdaq: MAPS ) announced that it will showcase MapInfo(R) miHotSpot(TM), a location-based solution suite for Wi-Fi providers and Hot Spot operators, at 802.11 Planet. Wireless local area network (WLAN) providers will be able to utilize these solutions to analyze location data to intelligently deploy and manage Wi-Fi networks.

PrintDreams, the developer of the Random Movement Printing technology RMPT™, has announced the release of PrintBrush™, the world's smallest and only fully format-independent printer. PrintBrush™. The printer has the length of a normal ballpoint pen while its width and height are more or less equivalent to the width of a modern mobile phone. The total volume is less than 300 c.c. and weights around 350 grams. This first version of PrintBrush™ was designed to roughly fit into a shirt pocket while it still remains a clear potential for size and weight reduction in coming versions that will allow an even more comfortable fit.

Haestad Methods announced the release of WaterGEMS(R) version 2.0 for ArcGIS™, fortifying the company's position as a leading developer of geospatial water resources management software for the global engineering community. Fully integrated with ESRI's ArcGIS 8.3 geodatabase technology, version 2.0 builds on WaterGEMS' distinction of being the first ArcGIS-based software solution for efficiently modeling, managing, and safeguarding water distribution infrastructure. Mapping Science, Inc. (MSI) announced Version 2.0 of it's popular GeoJP2™ image encoding software. Scheduled for release in Fall 2003, the new version adds a Graphical User Interface (GUI) to the powerful
JPEG2000-based compression libraries already distributed by MSI.

Geosoft, a provider of geospatial software for earth science industries, announced the launch of
Target™ for ArcGIS, a surface and drillhole mapping extension to ESRI's ArcGIS software. Target for ArcGIS is planned for commercial release in the third quarter of 2003.

Pharos Science & Applications Inc., a provider of portable navigation and location-based services for mobile devices, announced that its Pocket GPS Navigator with Bluetooth wireless technology supports Windows Mobile 2003 software, the newest Microsoft software for Pocket PCs and Smartphones. The iGPS-BT is also the first navigation kit for Windows Mobile-based devices to include a modular Bluetooth GPS receiver design.

Avenza Systems Inc. announced the release of MAPublisher 5.0 for Macromedia FreeHand, mapmaking software to produce quality maps from GIS data. Significant new functionality includes support for FreeHand MX, Apple Mac OS X and import of MicroStation Design (DGN) files.

Fastrax Ltd. of Helsinki, Finland, a developer of industry-leading GPS receivers for optimal utilization of the Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and OÜ Oskando, a designer and producer of GSM-based telematics devices, introduced a new Personal Security Device (PSD). Based on Fastrax GPS technology combined with a GSM modem, the device will be produced and marketed by Oskando starting in Fall 2003.

Leica Geosystems announced the introduction of the new TPS400 Series total stations for a wide range of construction and surveying applications. Based on the successful hardware platform of the TPS300 and TPS700 Series, the new TPS400 family offers a powerful instrument for general construction, simple alignments or complex stake outs, earthmoving, pipe layouts and other civil engineering tasks. Like its predecessors, the TPS400 is designed with Leica Geosystems' legendary high-quality optics, incorporated in a new-design package with improved operating functionality. A key feature of the new TPS400 series is its large illuminated display and easy-to-learn menu-driven functionality.

Haestad Methods announced the release of PumpMaster™, a new pump selection and analysis tool that streamlines the process of selecting and designing the most efficient pump solutions. Haestad Methods showcased PumpMaster on June 15-19, in Anaheim, California, at the 2003 AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition.

ZEH Software announced the release of ZEHPlot ® for Workgroups, a plotting solution for small to medium size GIS organizations. ZEHPlot for Workgroups plot management solution handles the complex tasks of processing and printing the large GIS files that are so common today. ZEH's solution allows the user to submit print jobs directly out of their ESRI software applications, which greatly simplifies the process. Files can also be submitted for processing via a browser-based interface. The system handles PostScript and raster output formats from most applications.

Letters from Our Readers

Spreading the Word

Dear GISCafe:

My name is Shoreh Elhami and I am a fan of your online magazine and first of hand, would like to thank you for keeping us informed of the hottest GIS events! I also wanted to let you know of a project that I have recently started and is called the "GeoCorps". Below, you can see a copy of a recent email that I have sent to people who have expressed their interest about the GeoCorps to me in that past year. I have received wonderful feedback on this idea and many volunteers have already signed up for the program.

Please review our web site and feel free to include it in your newsletter. Please let me know if you have any questions about the GeoCorps. Regards,

Shoreh Elhami, GIS Director

Delaware County Auditor's Office

140 N. Sandusky St.

Delaware, Ohio 43015

Phone: (740) 833-2070

Fax: (740) 833-2069

Email Contact


Dear Colleagues:

You are receiving this email because you have either expressed an interest in volunteering for the GeoCorps or you are associated with an organization that might be interested in working with the GeoCorps. If you are receiving this email in error, please let me know and I will remove your name from the list.

As you might be aware, I have been working with URISA staff, Wendy Francis and Michele Meng, on a volunteer form and I am pleased to inform you that the form is now available on URISA's web site at:
http://www.urisa.org/GeoCorps/geocorps.htm (the link to the form is at the bottom of the page). Please fill out the form and add your comments to the end of the application and/or email me your comments or suggestions.

Additionally, I will be giving a presentation about the GeoCorps at the ESRI Users Conference held in San Diego from July 7-11th. The presentation will be held at the Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Affair Special Interest Group (SIG) session on Wednesday, July 9th in the evening. Please let me know if you are attending the conference and I will send you more information. Please note that I am hoping to report on the volunteers during my presentation; therefore, it would be greatly appreciated if you can submit your application in the next two weeks.

I would like to thank you for your interest in the GeoCorps and I am looking forward to reading your applications and comments.

Warmest Regards,

Shoreh Elhami

Ed Wells

Delaware County, Ohio

GeoDecisions, Washington D.C.

P.S. Please feel free to forward this email to interested parties. Please respond to
Email Contact.

Waking up to GISCafé

Good Job

Just to let you folks know that I look forward each day to the GIS Café news in my e-mailbox.

As a researcher and digital data sales manager for a world class e-government GIS Provincial Crown Corporation, Service New Brunswick, I depend on keeping current on GIS advancements.

Your efforts to keep me informed are very much appreciated.

Ronald Bagnell

Research Analyst/ Data Sales Manager

Service New Brunswick/Services Nouveau-Brunswick

Business Development and Marketing Branch

Business Development Unit

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Downloads in various categories. Visitors are encouraged to go to the site and add new downloads or update their old ones.

GIS Translation

Maverick Professional from Collins Software is a GIS/CAD/Database Translator and Web Publishing Software. A single package to access over 40 common formats (Coverages, CSV, DBF, DGN, DWG, DXF, E00, MDB, Oracle Spatial, SDTS, Shape, Tiger, XLS,...).

Free Trial Software

Kivera Location Engine Demo from Kivera A simple Web portal interface to the Kivera Location Engine that will work on any Web browser.

Around the Web

All U.S. Flights to have Email by 2004 by James Niccolai, IDG News Service, June 24, 2003

Anti-Terror Agency Turns Heads, Wired, June 2003-- A little-known Pentagon counterterrorism research group called the
Technical Support Working Group, or TSWG is funding anti-terrorism projects such as lie-detecting dogs and bullet detecting radar.

Graphics Format Wins Freedom, BBC News, Sunday June 22, 2003-- Friday 20 June has been dubbed Gif Liberation Day as net users the world over celebrate the end of a costly patent agreement.

Going on in June

TUGIS 2003: Reflections on the Past & Solutions for the Present

Date: June 2 - 3, 2003

Place: Towson University USA

Register by May 2nd in order to receive the "Early Bird" discount.

Emerging Technology Summit II: Spatial Web Services

Date: June 5 - 6, 2003

Place: Sheraton Premiere at Tyson's Corner Vienna, VA USA

Attend this interactive 1.5-day summit and see how leading-edge organizations in government and industry are breaking down barriers to data sharing and application in today's geoprocessing systems through the use of interoperable Web services.

SmartTalk Events

Date: June 5, 2003

Place: USA

Privacy and Secure ID Systems teleconference

FME Training

Date: June 12 - 13, 2003

Place: Vancouver, BC, Canada
Whether your a beginner or experienced FME user, GIS professional, or developer, our hands on course and professional training materials will show you how to get the most out of FME. Register early, space is limited!

FME Training Session

Date: June 12 - 13, 2003

Place: USA

Learn from the source how to use the core components of FME through hands-on training.

TerraScan User Event

Date: June 16 - 20, 2003

Place: Los Angeles, CA USA

An all-tutorial training session Airborne 1 Corporation and Terrasolid will be hosting a TerraScan User Event from June 16-20, 2003 in Los Angeles, CA. The event will consist of five seminars given by Arttu Soininen, Terrasolid's main software developer. The seminars will take place at a computer laboratory at the Department of Geography of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). e-mail us at
Email Contact **Register before Friday, May 23rd, 2003 and get 10% off total registration costs.**

Pennsylvania GIS Conference 2003

Date: June 24 - 25, 2003

Place: Harrisburg Hilton Harrisburg, PA USA

With keynote speaker U.S. Representative Curt Weldon: Representative Weldon is a member of the House Armed Services Committee, Chairman of the Military Procurement Subcommittee, and a member of the House Science Committee. The 2003 Pennsylvania GIS Conference will be held on June 24-25 at the Harrisburg Hilton and Whitaker Center in downtown Harrisburg. The combined Hilton and Whitaker Center venue will provide a refreshing change of pace for this year's event. In addition to all of the conference activities, the Harrisburg Senators will be at home on City Island to play the Erie Seawolves, Restaurant Row will be in full swing, Pride of the Susquehanna will be plying the river, and the
Whitaker Center IMAX will have a full schedule of spectacular features. Check back often for updated details!

11th Annual Pennsylvania GIS Conference

Date: June 24 - 25, 2003

Place: Harrisburg, PA USA

"Spatial Preparedness--are we ready?"

2003 GenaWare Annual Symposium

Date: June 25 - 26, 2003

Place: Durham, NC USA
Official launch and showcase of Ware2, workshops and seminars. Register today at
http://events.genaware.com/ for this great networking & learning opportunity!

Leveraging the GSA IT-70 Schedule to Capture State and Local Business

Date: June 26, 2003

Place: Herndon , VA USA

Holding a GSA IT Schedule Contract has never offered so many opportunities for business with the public sector and this Technology Seminar is the only forum dedicated solely to the explanation of this new rule from all perspectives.

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-- Susan Smith, GISCafe.com Managing Editor.