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June 19, 2006
MapPoint 2006 Targets the Mobile Professional
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Susan Smith - Managing Editor

by Susan Smith - Managing Editor
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Message from the Editor -

Welcome to GISWeekly! MapPoint 2006 was recently released, building upon the success of its predecessor, MapPoint 2004. All the functionality of 2004 is in the new release, plus a number of new features. Read about it in this week's Industry News.

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Susan Smith, Managing Editor

Industry News

MapPoint 2006 Targets the Mobile Professional

by Susan Smith

MapPoint 2006 was recently released, building upon the success of its predecessor, MapPoint 2004. All the functionality of 2004 is in the new release, plus a number of new features.

Robust features focus on getting from the desktop to mobile, so, as Alex Daley, technical evangelist for Microsoft, explained, MapPoint 2006 is both an application for the business professional and the mobile professional, extending beyond the core data visualization functionality that characterized the previous version.

One of the primary new features is the data visualization tool, which includes the ability to use the map and the GIS information in order to make quicker, faster, better decisions. One of the more obvious uses for MapPoint 2006 is as a powerful tool for businesses who want to gain some insight into their data and make decisions regarding placement of their new offices or retail establishments based upon this knowledge.

Obviously MapPoint works completely seamlessly with all the Microsoft Office products. A territories file that a sales manager would have for example, in an Excel spreadsheet, can gain additional value. You can tell MapPoint that you want to choose your sheet sales by territory it will automatically bring up the Excel spreadsheet and create territories for it and create polygons quickly. It will also let you see and edit and manage the territories you have for your sales force. "In addition to bringing in that data from Excel I can also push data back out so I can easily bring up my territory manager and just add a new territory. I can say I want to add Iowa, Missouri and Mississippi, and
can export that back into Excel," demonstrated Daley.

MapPoint 2006 also allows you to get some insight into the data related to the various territories, using the data mapping wizard. The wizard will let you take those territories, and correlate them back to some sort of statistical information. "I can choose a sized pie chart to get an idea what my accounts look like," Daley pointed out. " I'll go back to this same spreadsheet. MP sales data. I have a list of actual sales total for each salesmen in the territory, in dollar figures. I've got sales actual sales projected. When I bring it up, it will actually let me choose which of the statistical information I want to show, and whether I want to show it by country, or by a pre-defined set of
territories." Even if you're not doing it in pre-set territories and if you want to see sales by state or city in a particular area, you can see projected growth in certain areas. and can use this information to learn how to better deploy your sales force, or how to engage with accounts, etc.

"Because of the data management I can make simpler decisions, and have this experience on the go. I can have hundreds or thousands of territories and import any type of data I want, can import shaded areas, zip codes or census data, population density, etc., and can add multiple layers."

The Location Finder tool is great for those who might be in a city for business, who want to schedule meetings and places to eat near their hotel. The Locate me tool uses your WI-FI signal to geolocate you without the use of a GPS!

There are 4.6 million pieces of point-of-interest information available for search on the map. Pockets Streets allows you to make custom maps in MapPoint and export them to your mobile device. "Once I've got a location, I can actually use MapPoint 2006 to calculate the route to actually get directions to the location but also, to act as a navigation application now," said Daley. With this feature you can type in the names of restaurants, coffee shops, meeting locations that you might need during your day, and plan out a route using the GPS tracking.

There is a new GPS task pane that takes in information on your current location given by your GPS device. You can also use the GPS pane to recalculate a route from your GPS determined location. "MapPoint will engage the GPS device that's on my computer - it works with any NIMA 2.0 compliant GPS so many already on the market will work just fine with this software. You can also use the SiRFstar 3 chipset, a USB download that you just plug into your computer (retail version) for instant GPS tracking on your machine for just $50 more than the standard version of MapPoint 2006. This is an improved version over what's been in our Streets and Trips GPS products," noted Daley. "There is
higher sensitivity in the GPS that works inside a car, and in very dense urban areas."

It is also possible to start the GPS tracking with full tracking and to arrange the map view automatically, and also the rotated heads-up view to watch it go as a north facing orientation using the driving guidance functionality. W hat this means that as the car turns, the map will turn. You can create GPS trail data so you can track the route that you've driven. Also included are voice prompted directions so you can turn them on and off as needed, and repeat the instructions.

This tool provides you with full turn by turn navigation guidance as well as data visualization, and enterprise data management capability.

"It will detect when you're off route and will allow you to recalculate the route from there," Daley said "If I see a traffic jam ahead I can pull up a new route from the off route location. I can also skip stops, move ahead to my end destination. If I decide not to stop for coffee I can just keep on going and recalculate my route from there. It supports full multi waypoint routing so I can put in 10-30 destinations if I wanted to plan out whole days' activities, en route from one to another."

Another very cool feature is the ability to explore the location to which you're going in more depth. You can see what the restaurant you're going to looks like by hitting the button on the toolbar for
Windows Live Local (Live Local is not incorporated directly into MapPoint, but the "show in Windows Live Local link" works completely offline and online) and it will bring up a visual of the restaurant.

Daley said that MapPoint has the same trip guide information that you find in other packages which include distances and journey durations, but it also includes cost estimations and highway construction information. Highway construction updates can be downloaded free and connect out to Microsoft's web service. This information can help drivers to avoid unnecessary delays.

Eight map styles are available to allow you to view data on a map the way you want to see it. MapPoint 2006 displays very well on a 12-15 inch screen of a laptop, and enhancements have been made so that it is easier to view the screen at night. For night viewing, the screen offers a very high contrast map view with low light for clear viewing without any glare. There is also a large print option with high contrast directions located just below to make it easier to take a quick glance to know if you're making a left or right hand turn, what street name you need, as well as voice prompt. There are a number of ways to navigate directions, and Daley said it MapPoint is safe for day and
night car use.

Pricing: $299 for the full MapPoint application without GPS. You can use your existing GPS device with this product. $349 for the MapPoint application plus the SiRFstar 3 chipset GPS device with high sensitivity drivers that are bundled with MapPoint for easy plug-and-play.

Top News of the Week

Google Inc. announced a series of updates to the company's mapping product suite, further illustrating Google's commitment to creating powerful tools for sharing geographic information. Announced live at Google's first Geo Developer Day, these innovations both connect users to information about the world around them, as well as address the growing needs of the developer community. See
press release for details.

Mapsolute Inc., an Internet mapping provider and creator of
Map24 announced it is offering a free Map24 (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) AJAX API to easily integrate advanced mapping technology into websites.

To best support this new Web 2.0 API, Mapsolute has also launched an extensive developer network that provides detailed information on the AJAX API including manuals, tutorials, API documentation, source codes and FAQs. The network also includes information on interfaces such as Map24 Web Services and a discussion forum.

Autodesk, Inc. is introducing Autodesk Civil 3D 2007 Extension for Google Earth-Technology Preview. This publishing utility -- the first of its kind -- is designed specifically for civil engineers and surveyors who need to keep all constituents involved in a project, from the planning stages through public approval, apprised of the latest design information. With a wizard-driven interface, engineers and surveyors can rapidly publish Civil 3D objects and design data in Google Earth, allowing all project constituents to create, manage and share design projects with extended teams and enhance the materials they publish with rich and interactive context.

NAVTEQ supplies enhanced map data to
Servingo where football fans can get the very latest, location-related information on the twelve match venues.

NAVTEQ was chosen by Servingo as supplier of digital road maps for Germany's new multi-regional navigation and information portal. Servingo was partly developed by NAVTEQ's partner Intergraph, a world leader in delivering software and services for management and visual representation of complex information. Servingo will help football fans get to their destination and access other up-to-date, personalized local information free of charge via their mobile phone, smartphone, PDA or laptop.

Safe Software Inc., provider of spatial data translation and data transformation solutions, announced that the upcoming release of its proven FME (Feature Manipulation Engine) technology will process an unprecedented volume of spatial data. This improved performance is the result of enhancements that make FME 2006 GB Large Address Aware, allowing it to access significantly increased memory resources when running on selected 32-bit and 64-bit versions of the Microsoft® Windows® operating system.


At this inaugural BE Conference in Europe, Bentley Systems, Incorporated announced that it has acquired GEF-RIS AG based in Leimen, Germany. The company provides geographic information system (GIS) solutions used in the design and management of multi-utility infrastructure. Users of its products include E.ON Hanse, swb Bremen, Drewag Dresden, Wien Energie, and EVM Koblenz.

GEF-RIS's sis family of products is led by sisNET, an integrated solution for the design, documentation, and management of electricity, gas, water, and district heating networks. sisNET is built on Bentley's MicroStation and maintains data in commercial spatially oriented databases such as Oracle.

Bentley Systems, Incorporated also announced that it has acquired the map publishing and finishing products, including CADscript and MAPscript, from Corporate Montage Pty. Ltd. of Perth, Australia.


Intergraph Corporation announced the commencement of the company's new flagship international users conference, Intergraph 2006, June 13-15 at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Fla. In its inaugural year, the conference will host more than 2,000 attendees from over 60 countries.

General Colin Powell, USA (Ret.) will present the featured keynote, exploring leadership during times of change and crisis. Additional keynote addresses will be presented by Intergraph President and Chief Executive Officer Halsey Wise, Chief Operating Officer Reid French, and Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Peter Batty.

Autodesk, Inc. announced that Allister Lundberg, DWF infrastructure senior product marketing manager, will speak at
GeoTec 2006 in Ottawa, Canada on Tuesday, June 20 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. Lundberg will speak on common challenges faced by geospatial technology professionals and explain how advances in collaboration technology can help them leverage their investments to minimize costs when sharing geographic data with teams across dispersed locations. Lundberg will also outline collaboration strategies that GIS professionals can apply to reduce errors and ensure access to the right information when and where it is needed.

A presentation held as part of the
International Conference on Spatial Cognition to be held at the University of Bremen (Germany), 24-28 September 2006 (invites submissions on the topics: Talking about and perceiving moving objects: exploring the bridge between natural language, perception and formal ontologies of space.

The targeted audience includes, but is not limited to, people working in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Geography, Geomatics, GIScience, Linguistics, Psychology, Robotics, and Spatial Reasoning.

Contributions are invited for either short papers (max. 4 pages) or long papers (max. 10 pages). Submissions should to be sent to:
http://users.ugent.be/~pbogaert/ScWorkshop06/nico.vandeweghe@ugent.be with e-mail subject "SC06 Moving Objects". The deadline for workshop contributions is 16 July 2006.

For a more detailed call for papers and further information, see the
workshop website.

LizardTech, a division of Celartem, Inc., and a leading provider of software solutions for managing and distributing digital content, announced that it will be one of the sponsors at the forthcoming Laser-Scan User and Partner Conference 2006.

Held at the Robinson Center in Cambridge, UK, from June 27th to June 29th 2006, the conference will examine the best ways of maximizing the return on investment made by organizations that purchase and use or reuse spatial data. Therefore the theme of the conference is 'Spatial Data Supply Chain: Delivering ROI'. Presenting at the conference will be speakers from some of the geospatial industry's biggest users and suppliers.

MapAction, a UK based charity, is preparing digital maps to help coordinate the massive rescue and relief effort for those affected by the earthquake in Indonesia.

An earthquake destroys roads, bridges and power and telephone lines. As relief workers help to provide relief in the disaster zone their first priority is information. This can range from knowing the extent of the devastation, hospital status and location, to the road and transport conditions.

MapAction currently has a field-based team of two in Yogyakarta, backed up by more GIS resources in the UK, to work alongside the UN's emergency information management team, which is setting up an Operations Centre in Yogyakarta. MapAction, alongside its UN colleagues, aims to map the fast-changing situational information to enable humanitarian agencies both within and outside Indonesia to ensure that aid reaches the right places, quickly. The first situational maps showing the extent of the areas affected by the flood are now available on
MapAction's website.

Healing Hands International (HHI), a non-profit humanitarian organization, is working with the Native Communities Development Corporation (NCDC), a DigitalGlobe business partner, to obtain satellite imagery from DigitalGlobe for use in planning and visualization efforts surrounding agricultural development and disaster relief missions in Africa and Central America.
HHI provides sustainability education and training to third-world countries. Its mission is to implement efficient and lasting sustainable technologies, paving the way for agricultural economies in rural areas of developing countries to feed starving communities.

The staff at the City of Grand Island Nebraska is well versed in ArcIMS and has been using ESRI software for over a decade. Within the past few months they have been creating custom GIS Web applications for both public access and internal users within the different City departments. These Web-based GIS applications integrate ArcIMS services with internal utility databases. Using industry-standard commercial software, enterprise databases are linked to GIS map features allowing end-users to see service records and other utility data related to field inventory.

The City used the following software to create these applications: Freeance and ESRI's ArcIMS. For more information on how other cities and counties nationwide are creating On Demand GIS applications visit

NVision Solutions, Inc., a leading provider of geospatial solutions with a proven disaster response record, is excited to announce the completion of Incident Command System (ICS) certification for all NVision personnel. The Incident Command System courses are designed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to enable responders and staff to work within FEMA's personnel structure. All NVision employees are certified at the ICS-200 level.

Contract Awards

Intermap Technologies Corp. announced that it has been awarded a US $2.5 million contract for radar mapping in Southeast Asia. Under the agreement, the Company will collect and deliver geographic three-dimensional elevation and imagery data utilizing Intermap's IFSAR radar mapping technology.

The delivery of current and accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) for this region will allow the client to create new topographic maps and update existing mapping data in the region. Accurate geospatial information allows clients to better understand any changes to the landscape for future planning, design, engineering, and construction.


NAVTEQ congratulates LOC-AID(R) Technologies Inc. and NAVITIME JAPAN CO., Ltd., winners of the BREW 2006 Developer Awards. Hosted by QUALCOMM, the BREW 2006 Developer Awards is a global awards program that recognizes wireless publishers and developers who are creating best-in-class BREW(R) applications and services that are propelling wireless data to the next level. The winners were revealed at an awards ceremony during the BREW 2006 Conference. Both LOC-AID and NAVITIME JAPAN submitted LBS applications powered by NAVTEQ(R) map data.

Name Change

Telcontar, supplier of software platforms and services for the location-based services (LBS) market, announced that it is changing its corporate name to deCarta. The new corporate identity reflects the Company's objective and commitment to deliver the most advanced geospatial software and services to Internet, mobile and telematics applications. In connection with the name change, the company also unveiled a new corporate logo and began doing business under the new name and identity as of today.

New Products

Matrox Graphics Inc. announces expanded monitor and graphics hardware support for its popular Graphics eXpansion Modules (GXMs). These easy-to-install, palm-sized, external upgrades add
multi-display support to a system by dividing the monitor output of a computer into separate displays.

MapInfo Corporation, global provider of location intelligence solutions, announces the launch of Workplace DESTINATIONS, the first dataset to identify and categories areas in the UK according to workplace population.

Providing a new and valuable analysis tool MapInfo Workplace DESTINATIONS gives an unprecedented insight into the location and concentration of the UK's workplace population, covering over 6,000 individual workplace hubs in the UK. This new dataset offers information relating to the geography of the workplace area, a score based on the estimated number of employees, size of businesses, the social grade profiles of workers within the destination and a breakdown by percentage of workers employed in each activity.

DM Solutions Group Inc., a leader in open source Web Mapping technologies announced today the launch of MapSherpa, the company's platform for delivery of commercial spatial web services.

MapSherpa is DM Solutions Group's platform for delivery of spatial web services enabling the trouble-free addition of high quality interactive maps to any organization's web site or web application. MapSherpa provides an environment that any web developer will be comfortable working with and allows an organization to overcome the challenges of conveying maps combined with other spatially relevant information to users. This is all done with state of the art Web 2.0 technologies that allow smooth map drag, zoom, and location queries without page refreshes.

Enertia Software releases new functionality for its integrated Upstream Energy products to integrate mapping functionality directly within the user interface.

Enertia Software successfully implements stand alone and vertically integrated software solutions to address any or all areas of the vertically integrated oil and gas company. Using GIS mapping standards, all property, equipment, facility or other user defined type of location can be easily spotted on a map. Using Enertia advanced filtering and lookup interfaces, data can be easily accessed and added to the map automatically from anywhere in the system. Data can be selected on the map and any report in the entire system can be automatically run, filtered to the selection from the map.

Digital Map Products released a new version of CityGIS, a premier web-based, data rich mapping suite of solutions that is targeted toward state and local governments. As an alternative to complicated and expensive traditional GIS solutions, it provides faster deployment time, lower total cost of ownership, ease of use and ease of access, regular and seamless updates of software and data, and a highly customizable, yet compatible solution.

MapText, Inc., provider of high-quality cartographic text placement software, will demonstrate its latest text placement technology at the Intergraph 2006 International User Conference, to be held in Orlando, Florida, June 12-15.

At the event, MapText will highlight the speed, flexibility and accuracy of its powerful automated text placement solutions by demonstrating its Label-EZ and Label-Web products. These demonstrations will showcase the use of these products for:
  - Labeling of street maps, parcel and zoning maps, infrastructure maps, oil and gas pipeline maps, highway maps, wall maps, tourist maps, and many more.
  - Integrated high-quality labeling for web-applications using GeoMedia WebMap.

East View Cartographic (EVC) is pleased to be officially designated as a "Map Data Services Provider" for maps from South Africa's Chief Directorate of Surveys and Mapping (CDSM). EVC is offering topographic maps, orthophoto maps, and aeronautical maps produced by CDSM. This rich collection is an essential tool for everything from planning and development to mapping routes for travel. Maps are available in paper and digital formats and EVC can configure and modify the data to suit customer needs.

deCarta (formerly Telcontar), supplier of software platforms and services for the location-based services (LBS) industry, and Inrix, the leading supplier of real-time and predictive traffic information services, announced the integration and immediate availability of Inrix's traffic information into deCarta's Drill Down Server(TM) (DDS) and Traffic Manager(TM). At the Where 2.0 Conference in San Jose, the two companies will demonstrate their ability to optimize driving directions based on current traffic conditions including detour rerouting. The companies also announced that Inrix is using deCarta's DDS to align location information from millions of commercial vehicle probes
collected each day to the relevant road segments, as part of the Inrix Dust Network.

Letters to the Editor

Letter to Shawn Messick (via GISCafe)

I am getting in touch with you in regard with the GISWeekly article on
Humanitarian Information Effort in Iraq - Creation of the Common Operational Picture contacts.

As part of the GMOSS European project on security (
Global Monitoring for Stability and Security) we are developing a GIS in Iraq to assess the vulnerability of the pipeline network (oil and gas) to attacks. We have just finished mapping the pipeline network and are now refining the database of pipeline attacks (more than 300 entries from June 2003 until recently). This database has been collected from Internet and contains dates and locations of the attacks.

Furthermore, a system could be developed such as: "An Alert System to Detect Pipeline Attacks" (we can provide the shapefiles of the pipeline network). Sometimes these attacks are not published anymore as they are not "news" any longer. The sooner these attacks are detected the less damage is done in the economy and in the environment.

We are looking forward to integrate this GIS project with others such as the GIS work done by other organizations and would like very much to get in contact with these groups and organizations.

Eventually, we would like to get in contact with an end user in Iraq with whom we could work transfer our system for operational work.

Antonio de la Cruz

Project Manager

European Union Satellite Centre (EUSC)

Ph 003491 6786072

Fax003491 6786006

Email Contact


Upcoming Events

Where 2.0 Conference

Date: June 13 - 14, 2006

Place: San Jose, CA USA

The Where 2.0 Conference brings together the people, projects, and issues leading the charge into the location based technological frontier. Join us to debate and discuss what's viable now, and what's lurking just below the radar. There's no better place to meet the people behind the mash-ups and platforms, and the folks looking ahead to the future of geospace.

GeoTec Event 2006

Date: June 18 - 21, 2006

Place: Ottawa Congress Centre, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The GeoTec Event provides a unique gathering place for geospatial technology professionals from all disciplines to interact and learn from each other's experience and knowledge. The program is designed to help you discover cutting-edge geospatial technology solutions from diverse application areas.

GIS in CyberSecurity

Date: June 22, 2006

Place: National Press Club, Washington, D.C., DC USA

We live in world reliant upon cyber infrastructure. Governments and private industries depend upon a secure, uninterrupted cyber-universe. Visual intelligence is key to security, defense and recovery operations. While current infrastructure management involves disparate security and detection systems, GIS (Geographic Information Systems) offers security analysts the opportunity to bring these systems into a single common operating picture. GIS can enable better decision making, faster response and more informative post-incident analysis when cyber infrastructure is threatened or attacked.

European Science Foundation and Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Climate Change Meeting

Date: June 24 - 29, 2006

Place: Nynashamn, Sweden

Climate change caused by global warming represents one of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century, necessitating the engagement of all sections of society, local and global. This conference will address the climate variability at different time and spatial scales by taking into account the coupling between the atmosphere-hydrosphere-biosphere-cryosphere and geosphere. Beyond the comprehensive analysis of climate variability and its causes, the conference will address the predicted effects of climate change on ecosystems, agriculture, human health and infrastructure. This ESF-JSPS Frontier Science Meeting for Young Researchers will bring together leading researchers and young scientists
from Europe and Japan to review recent progress and future prospects in their areas of expertise. An interactive session among participants will give the opportunity to discuss future trends and needs in climate research. Poster sessions are planned, with posters on display for the whole duration of the conference.


Date: June 27 - 29, 2006

Place: Hong Kong, Japan

Geospatial Research and Application Frontiers in Environmental and Public Health Systems
The 1st International Conference in GIS and Health hosted by HKU and LREIS of Beijing

You can find the full GISCafe event calendar here.

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-- Susan Smith, GISCafe.com Managing Editor.