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October 04, 2010
Hexagon Acquires Intergraph, or Measurement meets Spatial Data Creation
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Susan Smith - Managing Editor

by Susan Smith - Managing Editor
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Industry News

Hexagon Acquires Intergraph, or Measurement meets Spatial Data Creation

By Susan Smith

On July 13, 2010, I wrote about the agreement for Intergraph to be acquired by Hexagon AB,  a global measurement technology from Sweden in my
GISCafe Today blog

Measurement companies have been exploring infrastructure – namely CAD and GIS companies -- for some time now. Nokia acquired NAVTEQ in 2007 for approximately $8 billion, and Intergraph is being acquired for approximately $2.125 billion. Optech purchased DiMAC, combining laser based surveying with imagery. Trimble, a company associated with navigation, digital surveying as well as 3D mapping, acquired Definiens, an image analysis software company.

According to the press release, “Upon closing of the transaction, Intergraph will operate as a separate Hexagon division under the Intergraph name and branding.  Intergraph will become Hexagon’s core software platform and will continue to provide differentiated and vertically-focused software solutions to its core industries.  Intergraph software will also be integrated into Hexagon’s existing measurement and precision technology system markets to provide a visual presentation layer for the management, analysis and sharing of the vast amounts of critical data produced by these products.”

This past week I had the opportunity to speak with Intergraph former CEO Halsey Wise and Hexagon president and CEO Ola Rollén.


Intergraph president & CEO Halsey Wise

CEO Halsey Wise  has been with Intergraph for seven years. When asked what he felt he had brought to the company, he said: “Most memorable to me is that we gave the company a revitalized sense of strategic intent and strategic importance. In order to do that, as a company we were able to make change our ally, we challenged the way we did business in 2003. I don’t think that was the best way for Intergraph to be set up and focused. We set up Intergraph to be extremely focused on our end markets and customers and then we operated behind that with what we called three phase transformation and growth plan called ‘Now, Next and After Next.’ That three phase
plan was really the road map for the full transformation that we’ve made at Intergraph and the sum of it all is we’re more relevant than we’ve ever been before, by any measure you might use, number of customers, revenue growth, R&D spend, customer satisfaction, profits, etc.”


As far as “Now, Next and After Next,” Wise said that Intergraph is in the “early innings” of ‘After Next’ now, with a focused plan that is in keeping with Hexagon goals.

Wise said that “I hope the company continues to live by the core values we have; how we do things is as important as what we do. We’ve taken profits and they’ve increased nine times since 2003 and our R&D, customer satisfaction and the number of patents and trademarks are as high as they have ever been. We use change and innovation and plowing back investment in our customers as really something that’s differentiated.”

Wise said he doesn’t have immediate plans but is focused on getting this transaction closed and handed off to Hexagon. Because he “loves the industries and software,” it’s likely we will see him in the software industry in the near future.



Hexagon president & CEO Ola Rollen

According to CEO Ola Rollén, it is unusual for such a small company as Hexagon to buy a big company like Intergraph, but measurement technologies are important to spatial data creation.


The acquisition of Intergraph is a smart move for several reasons: their imaging analysis and digital/LIDAR imaging cameras augment Hexagon, which already owns Leica Geosystems, of which ERDAS is part. Intergraph is no stranger to the hardware business, although they transitioned away from workstations long ago and focused on their digital imaging cameras in recent years.

Intergraph shares the view with Hexagon of serving dedicated industries and offering comprehensive indepth solutions for industrial applications. “Our measurement data ends up in CAD models or in GIS models, so it’s fairly obvious that if you have that view you can rationalize that you can do something far more intelligently than we can do separately today,” explained Rollén. Not to mention that the acquisition expands the company’s reach into the airborne digital mapping market.

Going forward, Rollén said, “I think we will see completely new technologies that will change how we do things. Intergraph has verticalized into public safety and we have some idea of how to develop that information for police forces and their departments, rescue teams, etc. how we could improve their day to day activities and enhance productivity for them.”

Although Hexagon and Intergraph do have some customers in common, the two companies service different departments of the same company. As an example, currently Intergraph will sell a piece of software to the design department and Hexagon will provide a service to the maintenance department. The maintenance department would take over once the design is done. A customer could remain with the same familiar products throughout all aspects of their project. “The idea is to create an information system where you can live in the same system from cradle to grave. It completes the whole building lifecycle,” said Rollén.

Top News of the Week

NAVTEQ is focusing on a range of potential use cases at IAA this year.  The objective is to clearly demonstrate the business benefits, cost savings and returns on investment to be gained by implementing fleet and logistics solutions developed using the company's digital map products.

MapQuest announced the beta launch of four new European mapping sites built on OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. The sites in France, Germany, Italy and Spain will utilize the new MapQuest brand and UI and will have data from OSM, allowing users to improve areas like streets in their neighborhoods, bike paths, parks and hiking trails. Each site will be a stand-alone offering that lives alongside the existing MapQuest sites – which are based on commercially available map data – in the four countries.

A few days ago the ‘Service Portal for Metadata’ of the Spatial Data Infrastructure Berlin/Brandenburg (GDI-BE/BB)has been launched successfully: the Landesvermessung und Geobasisinformation Brandenburg (LGB) and the geoinformation service provider DELPHI IMM GmbH from Potsdam announce the official end of the testing phase. The Service Portal for Metadata represents a reliable and freely available 24-hour solution for the administration of the land Brandenburg and the regional service providers to capture, to collect, to validate and to publish metainformation of their geo data, geo services and geo applications.

Acquisitions, Agreements, Alliances

Geospatial Systems Inc. (GSI) is pleased to announce the successful delivery and deployment of multiple TerraPix Imaging Systems for Merrick & Company’s new Helicopter-Acquired Data Products and Services platform. The systems include KCM-16 and KCM-MS camera modules, which are co-mounted alongside an Optech Orion C200 light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor in a Eurocopter AStar 350 BA helicopter. The KCM-16s provide high resolution oblique imagery in forward and aft orientations; and the KCM-MS enables the production of high fidelity CIR imagery.


The National Street Gazetteer (NSG) is being used as part of the planning for the Olympic Route Network (ORN) and Paralympic Route Network (PRN). The ORN/PRN is the definitive list of designated transport routes essential to the smooth running of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


Dotted Eyes experienced continued growth in recent times. In order to build on this momentum and meet current market demands, Dotted Eyes has taken the next step up in enterprise level capability and appointed Dan Woodrow as Director of Operations. The executive team are pleased to welcome Dan, who joined on 6th September ’10 and reports to Managing Director, Ben Allan.

New Products

Optech Incorporated announced the next generation in mobile mapping—the Lynx Mobile Mapper M1. The M1 system represents a major technology breakthrough with the very latest in mobile mapping design and performance. With a collection rate of up to 1 million points/second (1 MHz), a fully integrated imaging system and the overall turnkey data collection and software solution that the industry has come to expect from Optech, the Lynx Mobile Mapper M1 again sets a new mobile mapping standard.

OpenGeo  unveiled version 2.2 of its OpenGeo Suite Enterprise Edition, a significant upgrade to its tightly integrated, end-to-end solution for building web maps.  The Suite enables geospatial professionals and enterprise developers to quickly create, review, update, manage, store, and distribute secure mapping applications. 

The OpenGeo Suite 2.2 enables users to quickly do more complex styling and composition by integrating major improvements to Styler and GeoExplorer as well as enhanced versions of
GeoServer, and
GeoWebCache.  Responding to user requests, Version 2.2 also introduces printing, improved raster support, and the Google Maps v3 API.  An improved GeoWebCache also provides seamless configuration of layer groups and control flow with GeoServer 2.0.

Avenza Systems Inc. is pleased to announce the official release of PDF Maps, the first and only geospatial PDF reader for Apple iOS devices including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

3D Laser Mapping has launched an innovative laser-based mine monitoring solution. SiteMonitor Mobile combines the flexibility of a mobile mapping system with the performance and accuracy of a fixed laser monitoring solution. It is designed to improve site safety and increase production and offers a flexible set up with mine operators able to choose the best configuration for different mines. The system includes the latest laser scanning technology, navigation system and highly advanced mine monitoring software.

Ashtech  introduces the ProMark 200, a cost-effective dual-frequency (L1/L2)  network RTK rover solution. The ProMark 200 offers long-range RTK performance, fast initialization time and centimeter level accuracy in a lightweight and rugged compact design. Together with the comprehensive Ashtech FAST Survey™ field software, the ProMark 200 meets the demanding expectations from professional land surveyors. Additionally the ProMark 200 solution can be conveniently used as a handheld receiver, without any external antenna, for easy pre-surveys and GIS data collection.

Ashtech announced the introduction of the ProMark 100, an intuitive and easy-to-use L1 post-processing survey receiver that offers high precision, even in difficult environment.   The ProMark 100 features outstanding GPS and GLONASS performance which shortens occupation time and extends productivity, especially in obstructed conditions. ProMark 100 is delivered with brand new Ashtech ProMark Field software as well as the new Ashtech L1 GPS/GLONASS antenna. The extended scalability of the ProMark 100 solution provides another strong differentiator as it allows using ProMark 100 not only for post-processing surveys but also, through easy firmware upgrades,
covering eventual RTK or GIS needs.

MobileMapper 100 is the newest generation of GNSS handheld mapping devices introduced by Ashtech. Designed for GIS data collection and mapping, the MobileMapper 100 integrates an open operating system, built-in communications and the Ashtech’s powerful BLADE technology.

Leica XPro’s new version 4.4 now supports RGB and multispectral 4-band orthophoto generation including near infrared (NIR) from data acquired with the Leica ADS Airborne Digital Sensor HiRes mode, thus offering the most efficient swath width of up to 24000 pixels. Leica XPro, Leica Geosystems’ leading line sensor workflow that provides advanced ground processing from data download to image generation, has further been updated with several new features.

SuperGeo Technologies announced that SuperGIS DataManager 3, the data management tool, is able to support several commonly-used geodatabases, such as Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Spatial and Oracle Spatial.

SuperGIS DataManager 3 is the management tool which enables GIS users to manage, view, and search map data in the computer, to view the attribute table, and to view and edit the metadata of the map data.

Carmenta  announced that Carmenta Engine 5.0, the new generation of Carmenta’s GIS toolkit, is now shipping. Carmenta Engine 5.0 takes advantage of the latest developments in hardware, OS and platform technologies by extensive support for hardware accelerated graphics, multi-core CPUs and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). 

Spatial Data Integrations, Inc. (SDI) announced the release of SDImaps version 2.2. First introduced in 2004, SDImaps is specifically designed for the utility industry and is intended to give the power of GIS to users with all levels of computer experience. The software enables users to more efficiently manage infrastructure assets and create an accurate up-to-date system map without having to know GIS theory or database design and administration. SDImaps is an extension of ArcGIS 10.x software, a product of GIS industry leader, ESRI.

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