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Submit a ViewPoint essay and express your concerns, your advice, your aspirations, or just about anything you want to more than 60,000 monthly unique visitors. The primary focus should be on the GIS industry, but you can also use this opportunity to address issues that affect us all, or any topic that you feel will be of interest to the engineering community.

We welcome essays about your experiences in academia, in industry, and with vendors and their tools, both positive and negative, but please do not use this medium to ‘bad mouth’ a former employer or to make unsubstantiated attacks on anyone or any company.

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Readers can rate your essay using a 5 star system, and can also comment on each essay. When an essay becomes very popular a link is provided that takes readers to our Discussion Forums for full-fledged discussion with threading.

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A letter of recognition and recognition on will be awarded to the author of the most read essay each month, and a substantial annual award will be given to the most popular author of the year.

You can participate using your real name, or you can participate anonymously, the choice is yours. But, we can only issue awards to identifiable participants.

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