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Date : September 07, 2008 12:07
Title : Re: Urgent help needed: GIS or geodesy course?
Body :

oh my thank you for the reply. the GIS course is a conversion course so I do not think that my lack of knowledge will be a problem [i am familiar with computers through the use of internet but that is it]. i am not familiar with engineering so yes that is a worry, as the course is meant for science/engineering graduates [i graduated with a psychology and philosophy of science degree].


re employment i am quite sure i would prefer to work in surveying proper, measurement and the like; that was what attracted me to the courses, alongside a vague interest in GIS. my communication and interpersonal skills are not beyond reproach: i have worked with people before [a job as a hospital porter] but self expression is close to my worst skill. do not misunderstand i am certainly somewhat bright [i was a medical student actually] but things have worsened since then.

afaict i have answered your questions; i look forward to a reply!