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Date : January 09, 2007 07:13
Title : Mapguide 6.5
Body :We are trying to load data from an oracle database onto Autodesk Mapguide. We're opening Author and trying to attach new layers from the already existing data residing within the Oracle database. The problem is that the dwg file created and opened within the Autodesk Map 3D is not opened and inserted in Author.

We are willing to find a solution that there is no need for us to keep on chinging our data to sdf format in order to load it in Mapguide Author. We want to open data straight away from the dwg format.

Moreover we want to view attribute data for our features from MapGuide. When we are loading data from the sdf format (although attribute data is available from Map 3D) the attribute data in Mapguide Viewer/Author is not visible at all.

Finally we are also trying to load some text from within sdf files but neither Author nor Viewer are showing the loaded text.

Kindly provide us with clear instructions on how are we expected to get rid of these problems. Your feedback is highly appreciated.