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Date : October 09, 2008 10:03
Title :
Body :This article reminds me of several others I've run across over the past few years claiming that if you go to this website all the USGS Satellite data you find will be FREE. This article claims (as does the USGS) that "The US Geological Survey (USGS) now offers, at no cost, . . "
I really have to wonder if the author of this article actually visited the site of the URL he quotes: "". On the second, maybe third 'page', you'll still run into a "SEARCH AND ORDER" page which presents you with this:
"All Landsat Orthorectified data currently available from the EDC archive may be searched and ordered online . . ." and at a price of $30.00/ scene or $60.00 per CD.
Same with the "GLOVIS" site, etc., etc.
Did the author bother to let the USGS know that their satellite data is now FREE? Does the USGS know their data is now FREE? Is the USGS actually endulging in false advertising?
I just spent 15 minutes cruising around the site, poking into every nook and cranny looking for all of this FREE DATA but found none!
Maybe the data is FREE but we pay for the shipping?
COME ON NOW! Either it is free or it isn't. To the USGS: if it is, then regenerate your website and remove all references to prices.