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Date : May 11, 2007 04:26
Title : Clutter -- What is it??
Body :I've been working in GIS for awhile but with limited types of data. (Mostly shapefiles, coverages and geodatabases.)

Now I have a new position where I'm working with GIS data from around the world and I am finding data and terms I don't understand. I have several links to GIS dictionaries, but some terms just aren't there.

Like the term "clutter." I notice Europeans use that term a lot, such as "We have vector data, clutter data, point data....."

Please, if someone can explain in detail what the term "clutter" means, I'd be grateful. How is "clutter" usually displayed? I have some sample data with a "clutter" layer and the layer doesn't have any attribution or anything. It just looks like a polygon layer without any attribution. Is this what it's supposed to be? Help!