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Date : July 31, 2003 12:37
Title : Pros and cons of Map info and Arc view
Body :Hi
I was in Academia first, where we used more Arc view, but now I work in a company where they are using Map Info ( so now i am getting my self familiar with Map Info)
But I have some questions.. as I am doing research on the Pros and cons of Map Info and ArcView in the business world..

A few things that my company uses GIS for
1. Making Automation, custom Making and production uses
2. Mostly it is not advance level spatial analysis.

We are encountering a few problems
1. There are some bugs in MapBasic making it hard to automate/productionalize reporting
2. The amount of data we process is too cumbersome for MapInfo to handle
3. You cannot install MapInfo on a server and have multiple people accessing it

Well these are issues with Map Info but I am not sure if ArcView can do all the above requirement without much hassel. One of the issues I have had with Arcview is that it cannot handle big files esp with if it has large amount of spatial analysis.

Can you give some guidlines on the above discussion

Hope to hear from you