Lead’Air Announces a New 13 Camera DODECABLIQUE MIDAS System!
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Lead’Air Announces a New 13 Camera DODECABLIQUE MIDAS System!

Kissimmee, FL, July 12, 2016 -- Following the successful introduction of the OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS 9 camera system last year, Lead'Air is announcing the final development of a new, unique DODECABLIQUE MIDAS with 12 oblique and 1 nadir cameras. This camera system was recently ordered by Dat'Air Inc, an aerial operator specializing in high attitude oblique photography.

Based on the Lead'Air, fully metric, custom camera assembly (CamLens) which uses completely reengineered Nikon D810 bodies and 300 mm lenses, the system is capable of collecting 480 megapixels per second. This camera system is specially designed for the high altitude survey of large cities intended for 3D modeling. The dense circular pattern formed by the 12 oblique cameras ensures ample redundant coverage in all directions leaving absolutely no dead corner or unseen angles between high buildings.

Capable of collecting imagery at 5 cm (2inches) from 7,500 feet or 8cm (3inches) from 10,500 feet, this camera allows the airplane to be flown slightly above Air Traffic Control zones and therefore operate without the need to obtain ATC clearances. The operational efficiency gain is considerable; a complete city can be flown seamlessly in a couple days instead of in stages during weeks or even months, waiting for ATC permissions to fly in the controlled airspace.

This camera system will be operated by Dat'Air Inc, a flying operator specializing in high altitude oblique image collection as well as first disaster response. Equipped with unique cameras specially designed by Lead'Air, Dat'Air, Inc is able to rapidly fly projects that others would spend months to complete.

About Lead’Air, Inc.

Lead’Air, Inc. is the manufacturing hub for the design and development of all Lead’Air and Track’Air TMproducts including the development and manufacturing of MIDAS multi-camera digital acquisition systems for 3D modeling and large and small format IMU stabilized mounts.

The privately owned and independent company employs dozens of experienced professionals from around the world including software, hardware and electronic engineers, pilots, photogrammetrists and machinists in the development and manufacturing of all of our products.

About Dat’Air, Inc.

Dat’Air, Inc., established in early 2015 in Kissimmee, Florida is a consortium of well-known companies who have decided to join forces and offer a unique international service in oblique photography. Dat’Air, together with Stellacore and our aerial photo operator partners provide special performance aviation solutions, which include both aircraft and sensor solutions engineered for altitudes and conditions beyond those normally encountered in oblique acquisition and not attainable by other providers.

Read more about Lead’Air’s Products at  http://trackair.com/

For more about Dat’Air check out our website at  http://www.datairsurvey.com/

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