Advantica Stoner To Assist San Diego Water
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Advantica Stoner To Assist San Diego Water

CARLISLE, Pa. (Jan. 22, 2002) -- Advantica Stoner recently announced that it has begun a series of new projects for the City of San Diego Water Department (San Diego Water).

The largest of the projects for San Diego Water involves extended time calibration of the Full Detail System Planning Model. This model will be the foundation for San Diego's planning studies, and will serve as an update to the model currently utilized by the newly commissioned online modeling system. The online modeling system automatically configures a version of the City's Full Detail Model (an all mains model) to represent current system conditions through the City's Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. Calibration of this large model is a critical step in ensuring that decisions made with the planning and online models provide support in Capital Improvement Program (CIP) planning and daily network operation.

Feryal Moshavegh, Water Modeling Group Leader for San Diego Water said, "The City of San Diego has a very large and complex water distribution system. In our efforts to provide excellent customer service, the Water Department is committed to developing state-of-the-art tools to assist in modeling the capital improvement projects and to project the impact of any system operation changes due to shutdown of a major facility or water source. Development and maintenance of this model also results in the exchange of information between the engineering and GIS groups, thereby enhancing the quality of both systems."

In addition to model calibration, Advantica Stoner will update a model version that projects forward to the year 2030 by adding recent improvement plans and anticipated water demand. This new 2030 model will become the primary tool for long-range CIP planning and implementation efforts. Advantica Stoner has already provided tools to enhance the model maintenance capabilities of the CIP group by extending the existing Smallworld geographic information system (GIS) model interface program, enabling incremental model maintenance. This will utilize the GIS's ability to track facilities retirements, replacements and additions, and to export "Delta" datasets. Users will be able to selectively browse and update the core model and its two key versions (the online model and the 2030 Model).

San Diego Water originally invested in Advantica Stoner's hydraulic analysis software, and has since added modules, including the Subsystem Management Module (SMM), Area Isolation Module (AIM) and Customer Management Module (CMM). San Diego Water also uses MiddleLink to extract data from its corporate GIS and convert all or selected components into one or more SynerGEE model(s).

Moshavegh continued, "Advantica Stoner is on the leading edge of water modeling development worldwide. We have been working with Advantica Stoner since 1989, and they have always been very responsive to support requests as well as proposed enhancements. Advantica Stoner continues to support the standard and customized products they have delivered to us over the years. All the projects we have completed with Advantica Stoner have been within budget, on time and of great quality."

The City of San Diego Water Department maintains and operates 3,000 miles of water lines, 45 water pump plants, 90-plus pressure zones and more than 200 million gallons of potable water storage capacity in 32 standpipes, elevated tanks and concrete and steel reservoirs.