BlueSky’s photomap provides an aerial view of Derby
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BlueSky’s photomap provides an aerial view of Derby

May 22, 2007 -- Derby City Council (UK) has chosen an ultra-detailed, digital photomap from aerial survey specialists BlueSky to provide an up to date view of the city. The imagery, flown in 2006 using the latest digital imaging technology, provides a map accurate photographic view of the East Midlands city detailed enough to view property boundaries, road markings and street furniture. Users throughout the Council are accessing the imagery via a central server using desktop photo viewing software while specialist users have access to the data using the Council’s geographic information systems (GIS).

Derby City Council chose the BlueSky imagery as it provided the most up to date view of the City. For applications such as land use planning, development control and planning policy, being able to view imagery at the desktop that is both detailed and up to date offers a number of benefits. In addition the BlueSky photography can be combined with the Council’s Ordnance Survey base mapping and other layers of Council information to provide additional detail and intelligence. Other applications of the imagery within Derby Council include Accident Investigation, Traffic Management, Transportation, Land Drainage plus many, many more.

Derby City Council is a Unitary Authority with responsibility for all local government services within the city boundaries, including education, social services, highways and transportation, arts and cultural events, refuse collection and recycling, and parks. The Council decides on 2052 planning applications per year, looks after 456 miles of road and provides 2,492 parking spaces and 27,150 streetlights. The Council also maintains 1,950 acres of green space and is part of the Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site.

The imagery, part of the GeoPerspectives nationwide aerial photomap, was purchased from East Midlands based BlueSky and was delivered to the Council as two map accurate digital image files. A lower resolution, overview image layer for use Council wide via a centralised data server and desktop software and a ultra-detailed, 10cm resolution dataset, for specialised users and applications.

“The GeoPerspectives imagery will prove a valuable resource for Derby City Council,” said Rachel Eddy, member of the GeoPerspectives board and Managing Director of BlueSky. “Projects such as the £2.1 million facelift of the city’s central shopping area will of course benefit from desktop access to detailed street level information.”

GeoPerspectives is a joint venture between Infoterra and BlueSky providing national coverage of orthorectified aerial photography, digital terrain & surface models (DTM/DSM) for 3D modelling, and colour infra-red imagery (CIR) for vegetation analysis.

BlueSky tel: +44 (0)1530 518562