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Intergraph 2010 User Conference

Tuesday, September 7th, 2010

I attended the Intergraph 2010 conference last week in Las Vegas. It was held in the spanking new Casino resort called ‘Aria’ in the ‘City Center’. Aria is a beautiful hotel with great restaurants and the most high-tech rooms than I have ever stayed in before.

The conference was well-attended with over 2,000 attendees. Intergraph was very generous with free breakfast, lunch, dinner, and evening entertainment for all attendees. There were more than 50 partner booths and a number of educational sessions.

I listened to the keynotes by Halsey Wise (President & CEO) of Intergraph. He talked about how Intergraph has shown consistent financial performance with both revenue and profits growing for the last 7 years. He also mentioned that the customer satisfaction rating has gone up during the last 12 months. He also announced that he will leave Intergraph next month when merger with Hexagon is completed. He introduced Ola Rollén, President and CEO of Hexagon who will take over his role at Intergraph with the current heads of PP&M and SG&I divisions reporting to Ola. Ola then came on the stage and talked about the rationale for the merger.

Ola joined Hexagon in 2,000 and since then Hexagon has acquired more than 50 companies in last 10 years including Leica, ERDAS, and Novatel. It has 7,500 employees in 39 countries. Hexagon has traditionally been a ‘measurement’ company. With Intergraph’s acquisition it moves a little beyond that label.

I interviewed Mark Doherty, V.P. and CTO of the SG&I division. I also interviewed the following executives:

  1. Scott Warner, Director of GeoSpatial Services, Avineon
  2. Peter Schlegel, Managing Director, CAXperts
  3. Adian Laud, Consultant, Noumenon Consulting
  4. Brian Beha, Director of Partner Solutions, Pictometry
  5. Dale Lutz, CoFounder, Safe Software
  6. John Leet, Director of Marketing, Skire
  7. Carl Taylor, Business Manager, Tekla

ESRI International User Conference Coverage

Friday, July 9th, 2010

We are recording video interviews at the ESRI UC in San Diego on July 13th and 14th in our studio inside the exhibition hall. Here are some of the companies that have signed up for an interview:

  1. 3-GIS (booth #2606) will demonstrate its Express Solution suite of products, an ArcGIS Server-based set of mapping tools that includes Network Express, a web-based editing, querying, plotting and reporting tool; Field Express Chameleon, a light field-based conformal application; and Express Conductor, the back office server component.
  2. Accela (booth # 1917) will unveil new GIS functionality that extends geodatabase editing to field-based government teams – allowing them to dynamically add the locations and properties of their public-works and infrastructure assets on the spot in real time. This workflow-embedded GIS capability is designed to help teams build and maintain a highly accurate geodatabase, resulting in better asset maintenance, greater team efficiency, and reduced costs.In addition, Accela will present an ESRI UC session titled “How GIS-Infused Mobile Solutions Help Local Governments Meet Tough Challenges”, illustrating how Charlotte County, Fla., Westminster, Colo., and McAllen, Texas, have leveraged GIS-infused mobile solutions to boost efficiency and accuracy for a range of services. The presentation will take place Thursday, July 15, 1:30 – 2:45 p.m., Room 23-C, San Diego Convention Center.
  3. Ashtech (booth #2715) is unveiling the newest generation of handheld mapping devices which they consider to be a breakthrough in handheld accuracy
  4. Avenza Systems Inc. (booth #1615)
  5. Blue Marble Geographics (booth#816) will demonstrate its newest release of the Blue Marble Desktop version 2.2, featuring support for raster Digital Elevation Models (DEM) like Digital Terrain Elevation Data (DTED) and USGS Spatial Data Transfer Standard (SDTS). The new Desktop version also includes enhanced batch file processing features, such as a new batch interface for point data conversions and the ability to use an unlimited number of Desktop jobs in a batch conversion.
  6. Carlson Software has introduced Surveyor+ GPS System. It’s the lowest priced, most flexible solution of its kind for accurate, RTK data collection from either cellular-based reference stations or base-to-rover systems.
  7. CarteGraph (booth #2118)
  8. Cityworks (booth #2301)
  9. Contex (booth #531) is offering a series of educational webinars:
    • Everything You Need For Large Format Scanning
    • The Contex Family of Solutions
    • Using Wiseimage With Your Contex Wide Format Scanner (w/ EDA)
  10. DigitalGlobe (booth #613)
  11. earthmine (booth #2530)
  12. ESRI
  13. Global Marketing Insights (booth #1706)
  14. IBM (booth #2517)
  15. IkeGPS / SurveyLab is offering special pricing on ikeGPS instruments at the conference.
  16. Intermap Technologies (booth #1601)
  17. ITT (booth #1515)
  18. Juniper Systems, Inc. (booth #819)
  19. LizardTech (booth #810)
  20. Navteq (booth #1501)
  21. Oce North America, Inc. (booth #2507) announces the new Océ ColorWave® 300 Top Delivery Tray. This is the world’s first stacker that stacks many types of inkjet media on top of the printer, reducing space requirements to a minimum.
  22. ORACLE (booth #3001)
  23. PCI Geomatics (booth #2437) — Peter Hazlett, Product Manager at PCI Geomatics will be speaking to attendees on July 13th about GeoImaging Tools – a new suite of tools allowing users to import accurate imagery from multiple sources in their ArcGIS™ workflows. These highly automated tools for correcting raw satellite imagery were designed specifically for GIS users in mind.In addition on July 14, Mike Hollis , President of PCI Geomatics USA will present, “Imagery for Successful Operations” highlighting an MGCP project focused on automated processing by using PCI’s GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL).
  24. Pictometry Inc (booth #2617)
  25. Placeways
  26. QCoherent Software LLC (booth #2719)
  27. RapidEye (booth #1617)
  28. Safe Software (booth #2706)
  29. Sanborn (booth #2200)
  30. SPOT Image Corporation (booth #2417)
  31. Telcordia (booth #2901)
  32. TeleAtlas (booth #2701)
  33. Telvent (booth #2201)
  34. Topcon Positioning Systems (TPS) (booth #2115) will provide an educational presentation and demonstrations, including a ‘ride-and-drive’. The events are created to demonstrate technologies to increase the speed, safety and cost-savings of GIS data collection.
  35. Trimble (booth #1711)
  36. Valtus Imagery Services (booth #2526)
  37. WeoGeo (booth #2716)

Many of these companies have major announcements at the conference. Check my blog next week for an update.

Interviews from GITA and ASPRS shows

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010

It was very hectic but I managed to travel to Phoenix to attend GITA last Monday and Tuesday and then hopped on a short flight to San Diego to cover the ASPRS show.  The attendance was down in both of the shows but quality of attendees was up. In other words, important people from government and industry still managed to attend these shows. Check out the GITA interviews at:

and the ASPRS interviews at:

Feel free to write to me let me know what you liked and how we can improve the videos and the GISCafe site.

GIS Industry responds to the Haiti Disaster

Sunday, January 17th, 2010

Check out the ‘GIS Industry responds to the Haiti Disaster’ at:

If you or your company is involved with helping with the Haiti Relief Effort, and wish to be included in this report, feel free to send me an email by responding to this Blog post.

GeoINT 2009 Coverage

Monday, October 26th, 2009

GeoINT 2009 turned out to be a great show with good attendance. We interviewed 30 companies. All of the interviews are now posted at:

While all of the interviews are excellent, some stand out more than others because of the sheer enthusiasm and genuine excitement of the interviewees. I was really impressed with Al Wargo of Zebra Imaging and the holographic technologies they are bringing out to maps and CAD drawings. The color holograms were truly astonishing (at about 3:50 time marker in the interview).

I was also struck by the enthusiasm of Jeff Peters of ESRI when he was talking about an upcoming release of ARCGIS 9.4. Jeff is extremely knowledgeable and it seems he is pretty involved and truly excited about this release.

Cherie Darnel of ITT was another standout. She just has a great personality. Her enthusiasm about their ENVI product is infectious.

Everyone at the DigitalGlobe was really pumped up about their new satellite which went up in the orbit a couple of weeks ago and sent some great images beginning of last week. They also have a great stand-out booth. It was a real privilege to meet Dr. Walter Scott who founded Digital Globe literally in his garage in 1992.

It is really fun to interview someone who is passionate about something. Mark Brender of GeoEYE perfectly fits this category. He is really passionate about the GeoEYE Foundation and his face lights up when he talks about it.

We do record the video interviews in front of a green screen and then replace the green screen with pictures of the corresponding booths. The interviewees are asked ahead of time not to wear green. But some of the ‘booth uniforms’ are green and the interviewees forget about the green screen at the interview time. This happened with Dylan Lorimer of Google and Jerry Skaw of Microsoft. See if you can notice the video editing artifacts in these interviews.

Next stop — Autodesk University in Las Vegas on December 1 …

Preparing for GEOINT 2009

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

I got back from Germany last week after attending a great Intergeo 2009 conference. The halls were buzzing with activity all the time. There were about 500 booths at the show and 15,000 attendees. Most booths were extremely busy.

We recorded twenty interviews at Intergeo 2009. You can see them on GISCafe.Com homepage.

We are now getting ready to go to the GEOINT 2009 conference in San Antonio, Texas. We have already booked the following interviews:

  1. Google
  3. TerraGo Technologies
  4. Global Insights
  5. Spot-Infoterra
  6. Microsoft
  7. Adobe Systems
  8. Zebra Imaging
  9. Isilon Systems
  10. Silicon Graphics
  11. GeoEye
  12. Navteq
  13. PCI Geomatics
  14. LizardTech
  15. Applanix
  16. ERDAS
  17. ESRI
  18. NJVC
  19. GeoIQ
  20. Inline Corporation
  21. Northrop Grumman

Here is what you can expect to see at some of the booths:

  • BAE Systems will demonstrate automated geospatial-intelligence analysis and reporting with its SOCET GXP® v3.1 software, which offers high-definition video analysis, terrain profiling, hyperspectral and multispectral image processing, and real-time visualization. (Booth #503)
  • AGI to Demonstrate Software That Adds Time-Dynamic Analysis and Visualization to GIS (booth#761)
  • Northrop Grumman will highlight its end-to-end geospatial solutions in support of the national security and intelligence communities (booth#355)
  • IDV Solutions to Present Latest Visual Mashup Advances at GeoInt + Visual Fusion 4.5 Beta preview (@ Microsoft’s booth#661)
  • PCI Geomatics Booth#348
    • GeoImaging Accelerator (GXL) – PCI Geomatic’s award winning GPU enabled solution will be processing thousands of images automatically
    • GeoConference – real-time tactical collaboration demo – Hurricane Ike (Galveston, Texas)
    • Advanced SAR analysis – operational change detection and target analysis using Polarimetric SAR data

GISCafe Coverage of the Intergeo 2009

Friday, September 18th, 2009

We have signed up the following 19 companies for video interviews at Intergeo:

  1. Aerodata International Surveys
  2. Altus Positioning Systems Inc.
  3. Applanix Corporation
  4. BAE Systems
  5. Carlson Software, Inc.
  6. Definiens AG
  7. DigiTerra Information Services
  8. DiMAC
  9. ERDAS, Inc.
  10. GEO-3D
  11. Infoterra GmbH
  12. Intermap Technologies GmbH
  13. Latitude Geographics / Geocostex GIS Software
  14. Pitney Bowes Software GmbH
  15. RapidEye AG
  16. Simactive
  17. softelec GmbH
  19. SuperGeo Technologies Inc.

Here is what some of these companies are presenting at Intergeo:

Pitney Bowes @ Booth#4.632
Presenting MapInfo Professional v10 .0 which delivers costs savings and improved operational efficiencies. Leading location intelligence solution features enhanced data access, new user interface and open source support.

SpacEyes @ Booth#1.209
Presenting the new release 3.3.1 of SpacEyes3D Builder, the real time fly through and 3D model making software.


Cadcorp @ Booth#4.115
Demonstrating the capabilities of the latest release of Cadcorp SIS 7; the new Cadcorp ALKIS Loader to translate and load GML files into an Oracle or PostGIS database and the latest web GIS products based upon Cadcorp SIS GeognoSIS.


The Cadcorp ALKIS Loader is provided FREE with a copy of Cadcorp SIS MapModeller desktop GIS.

Cadcorp partner, Nurtech, from Cagliari in Sardinia will be presenting a paper at the conference titled ‘INSPIRE – Practical examples from Sardinia’. The paper is based upon the implementation of the INSPIRE Directive (2007/2/ED) and highlights the principles of geographic data sharing and accessibility within the Sardinian Government.

Cadcorp will be joined by Hartwick Treckmann of GisME® who will be showing applications dealing with Graveyard Management, Fire Services and data translation techniques for converting Smallworld™ data to Cadcorp SIS.

Finally, Cadcorp continues to grow its business partner network in Europe and welcomes such organisations to its stand.

GISCafe @ Intergeo 2009

Monday, August 31st, 2009

I am preparing to go to Intergeo 2009 in Germany for video coverage of the show for GISCafe. Send me a message if you are going too. GISCafe is at booth#4.133.

This is the largest GIS show in the world with more than 480 exhibitors and 16,000 attendees. I am very excited to attend this show.

Earth to Business: the ERDAS E-Newsletter | August 2011

Sunday, August 23rd, 2009
Earth to Business: The ERDAS E-Newsletter


Project Phoenix Gives Rise to ERDAS IMAGINE Viewer of the Future

ERDAS' Project PhoenixProject Phoenix, ERDAS’ latest mission to provide peak software performance to the geospatial industry, is well under way and promises to significantly advance ERDAS IMAGINE’s viewer technology. Leveraging multi-core CPUs and GPUs, the Phoenix viewer enables smooth continuous zooming and roaming, real-time processing, and orthorectification on-the-fly. Additionally, the new viewer technology enables ERDAS IMAGINE users to view thousands of images simultaneously and toggle from
a flat, projected image display to a 3D Globe with a single button-click.

To read more or watch the Phoenix viewer in action, visit ERDAS Labs.



ERDAS ECW for ArcGISEnhanced compression wavelet (ECW) is a high-performance compressed file format designed specifically for geospatial imagery. When compared to other image compression formats, ERDAS’ patented ECW technology provides the industry’s fastest decompression and compression rates possible. Remarkably, this is done without placing a heavy load on computer memory and processors, while also maintaining high compression ratios and visually lossless image quality.

ERDAS provides a range of products enabling full use of this unique technology, from creating, reading, and serving ECW files, to enabling their use within browsers, other commercial applications, or applications you create.

To learn more about ECW and find the right product for your needs, visit the new ECW page on


ERDAS APOLLO Improves City Services in Melbourne, Australia

Picture of Melbourne, AustraliaThe City of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia is using ERDAS APOLLO Essentials – Image Web Server as a foundation for CoMPASS, an intranet mapping application designed to
improve city services for citizens. CoMPASS unites disparate geospatial datasets and rapidly serves them to city employees and contractors within a comprehensive, easy-to-use interface that
enables them to improve community services while minimizing labor, time and costs for the City. Read More


Mapping Urban Permeability

Mapping Urban PermeabilityAmong land-use planners, there is a growing awareness of the role that earth surface permeability plays in maintaining the health of the environment and its human inhabitants. Maintenance of the water cycle within urban and suburban areas requires a certain balance between permeable surfaces such as vegetation or soil and impermeable surfaces such as buildings and pavement. Successful monitoring of this balance involves a constantly evolving database requiring frequent

Recently, ERDAS technology played a key role in updating the built-up and impervious layers of Europe, covering 5.8 million square kilometers and spanning 38 countries. A largely automated process, the update was implemented with ERDAS IMAGINE’s Model Maker, a graphical tool that enables users to easily develop models as flow charts. Read more


Trainer Tip LogoQuick Tip: ERDAS IMAGINE

Are you still perplexed by how to find functions in IMAGINE’s ribbon interface? The Help tab has a Search function which will search the interface and return all instances of your search term in either the name or description of the function. You can launch the function straight from Search Results or hover the cursor over the function to see where to find it in the future. To learn more visit


August 24, 2011

GeoEye Imagery and IMAGINE Objective: CAPITALIZE on Your Imagery Investment

August 26, 2011

Spanish Webinar: Incremente al Máximo el Rendimiento de sus Recursos Computacionales con ERDAS 2011

August 30, 2011

Live Link: Uniting Intergraph’s GeoMedia & ERDAS IMAGINE to Enrich Your Workflows

New Archived Webinars Available:

From the Sensor to the Internet: Ordnance Survey Ireland’s Complete Solution

Getting More from ERDAS IMAGINE

Click here to view all our Archived Webinars!



Did you know that ERDAS offers training in Australia & New Zealand, the USA and Online? For more info, e-mail

Online Classes:

August 24: Introduction to IMAGINE Model Maker

September 15-16: Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE 2

September 20-21: Multispectral Classification

Denver, Colorado, USA:

August 29-31: Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE 1

September 1-2: Fundamentals of ERDAS IMAGINE 2

Atlanta, Georgia, USA:

September 1-2: Multispectral Classification

September 26-28: Introduction to LPS

Melbourne, Australia:

October 18-20: Introduction to LPS

Leige, Belgium:

September 19-23: Standard APOLLO Training



September 5-9

Photogrammetric Week 2011

Stuttgart, Germany

September 12-14

ERDAS Nordic User Conference

Åhus, Sweden

September 27-29

Intergeo 2011

Nuremberg, Germany


Watch new episodes on


ERDAS in the News

Find the latest ERDAS News in the Online Media Room.


Stay Connected with ERDAS:


Interviews at GEOINT 2009

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

We finally did 34 video interviews at the ESRI Users Conference. The videos are available at:

I am planning to go to GEOINT 2009 in San Antonio and do some more interviews. Let me know if you have any new announcements at the show and I will be happy to interview you.

If you are not able to go to the show but have a burning or difficult question for a company, let me know. I will be sure to ask it on your behalf.

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